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I am not sure if I am remembering correctly or if I am perpetuating an urban myth but I recall that Chicken Fingers were invented at The Keg.  When the chicken breast craze started some 30 years ago (before then we were all content with drums and thighs), chicken processors had to find a use for the little strip of the chicken breast which does not always stay attached.  The guys at The Keg could get this product very inexpensively and it was actually the tenderest part of the breast so it could be cooked quickly, not dry out and be served as a bar food. 

In those days they were called “Chicken Tenders”.   As the new item was experimented with there were a number of coatings tried-my favourite being panko flakes.  In addition to a number of sauces which were invented to dip them into. 

Now, this part is absolutely true-the honey-dill dressing that fingers are often served with, absolutely was invented by The Keg.  It is still my favourite of any choice and we make it often at home-using equal parts of liquid honey and mayo and adding as much dry dill as desired.

Where’s you favourite place to order chicken fingers?  Do you have a recipe that you would be willing to share?  Stay tuned to read about Mitzi’s and see Jamie Oliver’s Crunch Garlic Chicken from his Food Revolution.

Kath’s quote: “‘Bee vomit,’ my brother said once, ‘that’s all honey is,’ so that I could not put my tongue to its jellied flame without tasting regurgitated blossoms.”-Rita Dove

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“Urban Myths”

  1. Avatar September 27th, 2010 at 7:06 pm caroline Says:

    My favorite chicken fingers are from Barney Gargles in Selkirk- rumored to be closings its doors for good. They come on both the full meal and a lighter fare size and are hand battered in what I assume to be an old fashioned beer batter, the outside is crisp and the chicken inside always moist and a side of hand cut French fries and amazing honey dill sauce… K now I need to drive to Selkirk to get some chicken fingers!

    – Caroline

  2. Avatar September 27th, 2010 at 7:10 pm caroline Says:

    Oh and they have a dessert case to die for everything from thick cheesecakes, red velvet, and pies..mmmm

  3. Avatar September 27th, 2010 at 7:34 pm kath Says:

    We often stop in Selkirk on the way to the cottage. We love shopping at the Big Dollar. We’re hoping to do so this weekend so we’ll have a look out for Barney’s.

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