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Capital Grill


The high cost of living elsewhere in Canada is proving fortuitous for the Winnipeg culinary scene as Chefs and restaurateurs who have ventured to Toronto and Vancouver return home. Such was the case with Greg and Chef Wayne Martin


Dining with a good friend at the Capital Grill meant that we could share plates when we were both undecided as to what to order for the appetizing menu of “renewed classics”. The linguine caught the attention of both of us. Neither of us are vegetarians but the promise of roasted cauliflower, tomatoes, capers, preserved lemon and crisp shaved fennel was so tempting. In the end we opted to go healthy with a Beet Salad adding both goat cheese and chicken breast but also treat ourselves with short rib poutine.


Beet salads are popping up on many Winnipeg menus these days. The pickled variety of beets took up permanent residency on our kitchen table as I grew up, to the extent that I simply ceased to see them after a while. What a pity, as the deep tones of beets by any description are now one of my favourite veggies, particularly when accompanied by blackberries, balsamic dressing, wild arugla and walnuts!


Regular readers will know that I have a soft spot for made from scratch French fries. When they were enhanced with parmesan and truffle oil, I absolutely could not resist. The Capital Grill’s version of poutine comes topped with pulled short rib meat and short rib au jus. We couldn’t detect the latter and was not overly impressed with the former. So we simply pushed the meat aside and tucked into the divine fries. Later that day I threw the short rib meat into a pasta sauce and received accolades from my husband.

The restaurant is fresh, uncluttered and light filled. We sat next to a west window and basked in the sunlight. Service is pleasant and prompt and we were impressed that the owner took a minute to come over and introduce himself to our table.

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Kath’s quote: “The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent, not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious.”-Tom Robbins


Love never fails.


Sweetheart Dinner at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar


When you have been married for 31 years celebrating with my sweetheart doesn’t have to occur on February 14th. D and I toast our lasting love every day (well maybe most days….).

When we were sat down at our dining room 4 person table at the St. James Keg the day after Valentine’s Day, D slid into the booth beside me. We adapted this custom after traveling to Paris where lovers sit side by side everywhere you go. Sitting shoulder to shoulder invites the sharing of food and intimate conversation and says to the persons around “this is a private dinner, please”.

keg Feb 4

D had a hankering for French onion soup likely the longest lasting item on The Keg’s menu. No wonder it has stuck around all of these years as the carmelly broth is rich with a douse of sherry and the gooey cheese is sinfully abundant. I was concerned about not having enough room for my supper so I stuck to the hot bread that had been delivered to the table. I have simple tastes and I love the taste of fresh bread and red wine together.

keg feb1

Soon after completing his soup, D’s entrée of two shrimp skewers arrived. Even though this dinner is no longer n the Keg menu, you can order it if you wish. Each wooden skewer holds five enormous shrimp so it is an abundant dinner. I thought that the shrimp were a little bit undercooked as the flesh wasn’t quite opaque but D was not concerned and ate every single bite.

keg feb2

I ordered the decadent pistachio crusted salmon which arrived perfectly prepared so that the filet was thoroughly cooked but was still juicy and moist. The garlic mashed potatoes that the filet was nestled upon were not piping hot but still satisfying and tasty. The roasted Brussel sprouts and bacon were a great accompaniment. Unfortunately we had no room for dessert (we never seem to at The Keg) and were content to finish up our wine and make it an early evening.

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Kath’s quote: “I have an idea that this is what enduring love really means. Your memories of a girl at seventeen become as real and vivid as the middle-aged woman sitting in front of you. It is a happy sort of double vision, this seeing and remembering. To be seen this way is to be known.”  ― William Landay   


Love never fails.


Barlito’s Isla Mujeres



I hosted a meet up at Barlitos in March 2015. The gang was a compact one but we had a lovely time visiting with old friends and new acquaintances.



Barlito’s is located in a beautiful setting next to the channel where beautiful yachts are docked.


Check out these nachos!


Fish and chips.






Cob Salad.


Chicken nachos.

Some of the food like the supreme nachos was deemed exceptional, where other choices were just okay. Our server was not very well equipped to deal with us seamlessly. From all of the subsequent reports that I have seen, service is much improved.

Kath’s quote: “Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more memories”.-Patrick Lindsay


Love never fails.



Pre-Jets Game Dinner-The Garry St. Keg


We do not get to go to many Winnipeg Jets’ games so when we are lucky enough to snag some tickets, it is a big event for us. To make the evening even more special, we start with a dinner out. We are very strategic about where we dine because we do not want to have to park twice in downtown Winnipeg. That is why the Keg Garry St. was the perfect choice on this particular game night. We found a parking spot in the vicinity of the Millennium Library which was exactly half way between the restaurant and the MTS Centre.

Upon arrival, we realized that our good idea was also considered a smart one by a whole lot of other people. The dining room was full and so we opted to wait out our time in the bar. There were also no lounge tables available so we found ourselves perched on the high stools at the bar. It turned out to be such a fun spot that when it was our time to move into the dining room, we declined and ordered dinner at the bar.

One of the attractions was that many of the other pairs of diners were also heading to the Jets game and so we amicably chatted about the Jets’ chances that evening, injuries and trades.


We started with the spinach salad which the kitchen was kind enough to split onto two plates. I don’t know what makes me so crazy about this salad (perhaps the sugared nuts, the creamy goat cheese or the beautifully blended salad dressing) but I could eat it every single day. Strawberries are especially dear this time of year and it felt like a very special treat to have so many slices peaking out from underneath the spinach leaves.


D chose the pistachio crusted salmon that comes atop creamy garlic mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts tossed with bacon and maple syrup. He was very pleased with his choice.


I had a hankering for fish too and opted for the grilled ahi tuna on a bed of Asian cole slaw with a soy and sesame dressing. My first portion was too salty and so it was immediately whisked away and a substitute was provide that was absolutely perfect. I love the contrast of the seared meat on the surface with the cool and silky interior of the fish. The dish was light and satisfying and when it was game time, I still had the energy to make the quick walk to the arena.

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Kath’s quote: “I think whenever anyone asked me why I wanted to be a hockey player, that’s where it all started, watching the Winnipeg Jets play as a young kid.”-Jonathon Toews


Love never fails.



DT Urban Kitchen & Oyster Bar



I was not of the opinion that 295 Lobby on York needed sprucing up, but I was nonetheless impressed when Mr. WOW! Doug Stephen conducted a personalized tour of the restaurant for me. The former floor to ceiling draperies which separate tables along the round banquette were being replaced and cozy round booths now line the north wall and will certainly satisfy diners who are looking for romance or extra privacy. The back rooms are still in tact which I am pleased about, as I attend a group that utilizes the space on a regular basis.


D and I have a particular inclination for seafood and make it a priority to scope out the best places when we travel. We have a fondness for the oyster and raw bars of Boston where amicable oyster shuckers will listen to your woes (and joys) like a bar keep. Modifications have been made to 295’s bar so that Chef Jesse Friesen can hold down the fort from their new oyster bar. Jesse is not only a talented chef but passionate about fresh products, innovative cooking preparations and his home town of Winnipeg, so he is the perfect personality to take on a limelight role such as this.

Prawn Cocktail

On this evening, I divided my time between the raw bar where I sample the poached prawns (above) and a bevy of oysters including the cooked ones below.


Recipe in honour of a regular guest

I also had a chance to sample


the WPG Burger


and the back bacon cheese toast. Both were fabulous, but Chef Jesse has a deft hand with seafood, so when you go, ensure that you same some room for


his Coconut Shrimp with a crumble of macadamia nuts and cilantro crème fraiche.


My 295 favourite of Tuna Tartare featuring Canadian albacore has thankfully remained on the menu. I enjoyed the toasted panko flakes which provided a subtle crunch, but particularly the silky drizzle of a fine sesame oil producing additional depth.

DT’s is the first restaurant that I know of in Winnipeg to print a gluten free menu. I am sure Winnipeggers will applaud this.

So, check out the changes in décor and the new food offerings, but in particular spend some time with Chef Jesse. Readers in this space know that I am a big fan of his and predict great things for him.  You’ll be able to say “I knew him when….”

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Kath’s quote:“If you are a chef, no matter how good a chef you are, it’s not good cooking for yourself; the joy is in cooking for others – it’s the same with music.”

Love never fails.





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