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Superbowl Fixings: All Beef Sliders


I’ve been aware of the term slider for the past ten years or so but was interested in knowing where the term came from.  According to the earliest citations, the name originated aboard U.S. Navy ships, due of the way greasy burgers slid across the galley grill while the ship pitched and rolled.  Other versions claim the term “slider” originated from the hamburgers served by flight line galleys at military airfields, which were so greasy they slid right through you; or because their small size allows them to “slide” right down your throat in one or two bites.

The “Frenchman” as he is affectionately called around our house is an excellent cook.  He was taught by his Momma as I believe all exceptional male cooks were.  When the Superbowl cry went out “please bring something to share” he too was ready for the task. Sliders were the answer.

When I asked him to share his recipe, he did so in a fashion familiar to me:  Mix ground beef with some eggs, breadcrumbs and sauteed onion and then add garlic, chili, paprika and curry to taste!

He pre-broiled the sliders before he left for the game and took some sharp cheddar to melt on top once he reheated them.  I was told that they were a big hit.  And they were not “so greasy that they slid right through you”.

I coupled mine with the Teriyaki Beef Skewer that D left me for supper and enjoyed both in front of the TV with a glass of Merlot with which to toast Madonna’s half time show.  Pretty amazing for a woman in the over 50 club! 

For more slider inspiration see  I am still dreaming of a food bloggers scholarship to Eat, Write, Retreat as I write this…

Kath’s quote:  “I would gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today”.-Wimpy


Isla Doorways, etc.


Islanders love paint and I am enthralled byt the vibrancing of the colours that they choose.

Beauty in symmetry.

Purchasing advertising for a career, I was enchanted by this simple and yet effective manner to get their sales message across.

People who know me and love me-call me Kath.  I thought that Isla was speaking to me here, with a silent “k”.

Doesn’t this colour combination look like something out of the 50s?  Love it.


I am also fascinated by what seaspray and humidity does to wood and paint.

And even how the sea air shapes concrete.


I imagine if Ernest Hemingway ever came to Isla to fish, he would have stayed here.

I could live the rest of my days, in this simple place.

The additional touches of the palm trees are gorgeous.

You can see why I have a particular fondness for the doors of Isla because they are painted various hues from the sea (my favourite colour).

I also get a kick of focusing in really tight on something obscure-in this case the top ledge of the seawall.  I saw the image of a bird in the paint.

This chair could have been in Van Gogh’s bedroom masterpiece.

This one reminds me of our travels through Italy.

“Let’s go up the ladder to the roof, where we can see heaven much better….”

This door is coupled with my second favourite colour-lavender.


Hearts (=love in my language) are everywhere on Isla, even in their graffiti.

Setting a Special Table


For those of you who faithfully read my blog on a daily basis, I apologize that this is not a typical day for me.  I do have a post half written that I could have spent my time touching up and publishing but I needed to spend this morning differently.

You see, I must leave shortly for a “Celebration of Life” service which is a name that I like far better than funeral.  She was a “lake” friend of mine.  One of the many special friends that I spend time with in the summer-mostly in snatches when we great each other on the path to the beach or sometimes for impromptu coffees or dinners.  The last time I dined with Barb was when she hosted us after we planted a memorial tree for my brother. 

I have to leave shortly but spent my time instead setting the table for a dinner party that I am hosting tommorrow.  We are saying good by to a dear friend of ours who is “retiring” to England.  We will be joined by other special friends including our dear ones who live in Castle del mare del Golfo in Sicily.  All the people assembled will have visited them there at one time or another.

And so I have put out special lace place mats, a gift from Sister #3’s friend from China.  I have set out my best (relatively unstained) linen, huge goblets and my very best china.  Iwas gifted this a year ago by Sister #2 and have only used them once.  As I set the table, I asked myself, why?  Why did Barb have to die but also, why don’t we always celebrate our life by putting out our best china?  Every day is sweet and every day may be our last.  Barb did not know this as she got into her car after babysitting her grandchildren.

Make it a good day.  I really mean this.  Hug a stranger, tell someone dear that you love them.  Laugh for no real reason.


How to Build Community


I suppose it is no surprize to my readers that I describe myself as a hippie (both physically and philosophically).  I am a peace, love and groovy, kind of person.  Recently, we purchased a big old house where 5 people will live communally.  I purchased a card for them to have in the house and as I reread it today, I realize that the wisdom is applicable to life itself.

How to Build Community

  • turn off your TV
  • leave your house
  • know your neighbours
  • look up when you are walking
  • greet people

  • sit on your front steps
  • plant flowers

  • play together
  • use your library
  • buy from local merchants
  • share what you have

  • help a dog
  • take children to the park
  • garden together
  • support neighbourhood schools
  • fix it even if you didn’t break it
  • have pot lucks
  • honour your elders
  • pick up litter
  • read stories aloud
  • dance in the street
  • talk to the letter carrier
  • listen to the birds

  • put up a swing
  • help carry something heavy
  • barter for your goods
  • start a tradition
  • ask a question
  • hire young people for odd jobs
  • organize a block party
  • bake extra and share
  • ask for help when you need it
  • open your curtains
  • sing together
  • share your skills
  • take back the night
  • turn up the music
  • turn down the music
  • listen before you react in anger
  • mediate a conflict
  • seek to understand
  • learn from new and uncomfortable angles
  • know that no one is silent though many are not heard-work to change this

Kath’s quote: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”-James Beard

More Questions than Answers


Last night, I did not sleep a wink because of all of the details floating around in my head.  This happens almost exactly at this time every year and particularly about this number of days before Christmas.  It occurred to me at about 4:30 this morning that I would love to know way, way more about my readers, so here goes (I know it is a busy time but I would love to hear from you):

If you could travel anywhere in the world, to taste the food, where would you go and what would you sample?

If you were to prepare a single dish to express to someone, how much you love them, what would that be (and would you be willing to share the recipe)?

Conversely, if someone were to do the same for you, what would you hope, the dish would be (and would you be willing to share the recipe)?

What dish most brings back fond childhood memories and when was the last time that you ate it?

Have you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen or food bank?  Would you?

If you could work alongside one cook or chef, living or late, who would it be and what dish would you most love to learn  how to make?

What recipe are you glad that one of your parents taught you how to cook?

What cuisine do you consume most at restaurants?

If you opened your own restaurant, what would you name it and what cuisine would it be?

What restaurant type is missing most from the city you live in?

Have you ever done a cleansing fast?  Do you fast or eliminate a food from your diet for any reason?

Is there a food that you have never tasted and do not have any desire to ever try?

What is your favourite food-themed book or movie?

Which cookbook is your most used and loved and why?

What single kitchen utensil is your most used and loved and why?

If you were to travel anywhere in the world to distribute food or ensure safe water and sustainable food sources, which place would it be?

I can’t wait to hear from you.  Rest, peace and love be with you.

Kath’s quote: “One can never know too much; the more one learns, the more one sees the need to learn more and that study as well as broadening the mind of the craftsman provides an easy way of perfecting yourself in the practice of your art.”-Auguste Escoffier


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