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I know that it is (coming on Christmas) when my sister sends out her annual cookie exchange email.  I don’t know how many years that this has been going on (I’m horrible with dates and numbers) but I do know that one of my first years I had a different kitchen table and so that must mean that it has been at least ten.  This is the way my memory works backwards…it would be a challenge for me to tell you how many months old my babies were when they took their first steps but I could tell you what they were wearing and what colours the leaves on the trees were.

There are usually eight of us and this year the list is shaping up like this: ginger cookies, almond bars, pistachio thimble cookies, shortbread and a pecan chocolate bark.  Baking day can be a bit harried because of the quantities required but when the exchange takes places-it seems like a breeze.  Sue has us all over to her place to drop off and pick up.  We have an eggnog together and toast the start of the season.  The bakers are very imaginative with their packaging and you come home with a beautiful bundle of sweet treasures.

I understand that the Costco here in Winnipeg now sells baking trays.  I recently sampled one at it tasted very authentic but was more the kind of selection that you would get at a baby shower not a Christmas party.  The craft and baking sales that occur at many Winnipeg church and community clubs at this time of year is also a great way to stock your freezer with Christmas goodies (and you’re helping a good cause as well).

It is important for our family who loves the Christmas tradition and the food that surrounds the celebration to give back in some way.  For years we volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest’s Share Your Thanks and often on the morning of Christmas Eve.  Everything tastes better when it is savoured with the knowledge that you did what you could to share your bounty.IMG_0237

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“Its Coming on Christmas”

  1. Avatar January 13th, 2010 at 1:26 pm Sister #3 Says:

    I think I have been hosting the cookie Exchange since my first Christmas in my house, which would be 1998, so that’s 12 years now. I think you came on board in year three. I still have cookies left! Just gave Kathy T. a stack of my almond bars for her birthday (I wasn’t just trying to dump the calories on her, they are her favourite). P.S. Love the blog… and love you.

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