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I recently wrote about meeting a long time FB friend IRL. Gustavo, the owner of Isla Burger and I have bantered back and forth for the last three years or so. We have much in common- a passion for pleasing people with food, trying to maintain a work/life balance and the difficulties in opening a new restaurant location. But more about that later.

Sister Sue visited last year and wrote about it here:

My recent visit to Isla Burger with Sue was another delight. Feasting first on Isla Bang Shrimp. The shrimp were breaded in panko flakes, placed on a bed of crisp lettuce and served with honey siracha sauce.

We chose to split the Isla Classic Burger with cheese for our main. Sue and I know good beef when we taste it as we grew up in that business. Ground ribeye and brisquet is the correct combination to produce a lean and flavourful burger. Fatty burgers typically deliver the satisfying taste but Gustavo has tested and found the best fat/meat ratio for that ultimate taste. We also appreciated the roasted garlic and balsamic mayo which was generously smeared on the freshly baked and toasted potato roll.

Everything at Isla Burger is made from scratch-even the ketchup!

Equal to the enjoyment of my half burger were the parmesan truffle fries. I fell in love with the senuous taste of truffles in Italy and now import my own truffle salt to treat myself at home. The delicate shaving of a good quality parmesan completed the tasted profile, one that I dearly love.

Sue and I rarely order dessert but could not resist the Key Lime Pie which actually turned out to be cheesecake garnished with lemon. Loving lemon meringue pie, we were very pleased.

Gustavo and I were hoping to let you in on all the details of a new restaurant that he is bringing to the island. He has coped with a number of delays but is hoping to be open by July. Stay tuned to this space for details as they unfold.

And…..Gustavo and I have still failed to meet IRL.

If you want to read the menu in advance of visiting or need an exact location, check out the Mapchicks app.

Kath’s quote: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.”-Bluto from the Popeye cartoons.

Love never fails.

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