Amazona Beach Club-Isla Mujeres 2023 Restaurant Features


Imagine for a moment, you are on a tropical island with the love of your life and it is Valentine’s Day. You are spending the day at a Beach Club as a VIP. When you arrive, there is no one else there. What could possibly be more perfect?

When we first visited the island in 2005, we found ourselves at Playa Loncheros for the day. Not having a clue where I was going, I walked south on the west side of the island and must have landed exactly where Amazon is now. So let’s start at the beginning…Amazona had the perfect strip of land, sand and shoreline to create their beautiful complex.

We were escorted to this first row location and served refreshing welcome drinks.

There were beds for napping.

There was also a couch and coffee table for our drinks and amazing assortment of food.

First up was a beautiful tray of creamy guacamole and pico de gallo served with the loveliest tortilla chips shaped into petalled flowers. Since we all know that we eat with our eyes…this was a feast! They were the perfect way to start our leisurely afternoon.

Day trippers started to arrive in catamarans from Cancun. The property is so huge, even when they were packed, we felt uncrowded in our own private space.

We were curious as to what was on the buffet for everyone. What we liked best was the fresh fish that had been prepared to make up your own tacos or salad.

Our served dishes continued. Up next were enormous shrimp (isn’t that an oxymoron?). I am talking more like baby lobster tails. They were perfectly prepared, the chef knowing that a shrimp that size would get rubbery with overcooking. And the homemade cocktail sauce that they had been plunged into was so amazing, that I asked for cutlery then I ate the meaty shrimp in little slices and slurped up the sauce with a spoon.

Although we were well-entertained with watching people pose (many quite provocatively) on the water swing and enjoying the DJ’s music selections, we thought that it might be a good time for a walk and a stretch so we wandered to the end of the pier to take in this more panoramic shot of the property.

In addition to a Valentine’s Day selfie.

A sushi course was ahead: wrapped in plantain, seaweed, shrimp and cream cheese. Each was complex and tasty and the dipping sauce was appropriately sweet, salty and unami.

Petalled tostados elevated onto shot glasses came next. The toppings were shrimp, pastor and pulled pork and we were delighted with the crunchy textures and varied tastes.

We thought that we couldn’t possibly eat anymore and then these amazing coconut shrimp came along. The mango salsa that they came plunged into was the perfect pairing to the crispy texture and sweet tastes (coming from both the coconut AND the shrimp).

Can you see the sea gulls to the left of the pic who cut through our palapa on their way to the open bay?

We visited with many of the day trippers that day, but when they answered the call back to their catamarans, we lazed back for one last time of relaxation in solitude and silence. Many of the day trippers wonder “You stay on Isla? What is there to do all day?” We answer “this”.

Amazona Beach Club is open daily until 6 pm. But I wondered if they were open when the seas were too rough for a catamaran crossing. I understand that they host a number of special events in the evening by invitation only.

Kath’s quote: “A life lived in love will never be dull.”-Authour Unknown

This heart greeted us when we arrived at the beach club that morning.

Love never fails.

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