Day 11 Isla Mujeres Trip Report


A pretty uneventful sunrise.

My Valentines lilies were monsters by this time.

I dropped in to visit my friends at Dulzara Argentinian Bakery to thank them for their beautiful cakes we bought for the Twins’ birthday and order an additional cake for another birthday that was coming up.

As I came down the stairway from the bakery, I saw and was fascinated by this sign outside the barber shop. For 1. the pic kinda looked like John Travolta in Grease, for 2. I think my Bro K had just gotten his hair cut in this style and for 3. I realized that by switching the top portion of the board to additional hair styles, you could show your barber how you wanted it cut without being misunderstood. So it was a perfect place for gringos to get their hair cut as desired, with no language barriers. Ingenious!

My palm was waiting for me on Centro Beach again.

So I joined K & L for a visit. But, Carnival had commenced and soon a speaker system had been rolled in , thumping out impossibly loud noises that reverberated off of our diaphragms.

With permission, I took this lovely pic of some tiny dancers. I loved them all but especially the sassiness of the one with her two front teeth missing.

I got to see them in action as I packed up my beach stuff and headed to the apartment. I couldn’t concentrate on my book or hear my family talk to me so it didn’t make any sense to me to stay put.

I had always enjoyed Carnival time in Cuba and when I first started go to Isla but as I grew older I just got grumpy about the noise and traffic. Truth.

After a break from the music, D and I enjoyed a fantastic early dinner at Sardinia Smile. If you missed reading about it in an earlier post, click the link above.

One of my favourite pictures of the holiday.

We met at a favourite spot for our family-the pier at the corner of Centro and North Beach.

We have watched many sunsets there as a family. We were celebrating another birthday-that of our NIL (Nephew in Law) D from Australia, pictured here with his wife and my niece and Goddaughter (they were married on the island). They travel back and forth between Australia, California and Lester Beach. Wandering nomads indeed. We love them dearly.

Speaking of family…our Mexican Family (who we also love dearly) wanted to host us for a visit and a snack. See that enormous bowl? That is Hortencia’s idea of a snack.

Kath’s quote: “Don’t forget: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies…”-Paul Coelho

Love never fails.

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