Day 13 Trip Report Including Lunch at Alexa & Giovanni’s


Another sunrise when I couldn’t pick my favourite photo. I loved this one because when the sun peeked from behind a solid line of cloud it made a reflection in a solid line.

I always love to capture what my kids (when they were little) called God clouds.

Speaking of God and miracles (see how I just snuck that in there?) This was a grand niece we had never met. We were in love instantaneously! The miracle of her conception had taken place via a fertility clinic in Cancun although a second miracle occurred, when she was born early in Canada. Her parents and grandparents (D’s oldest Brother’s family) were holidaying in Cancun but wanted to come and check out Isla, fascinated by what we loved about the island.

After waiting for them at them at the ferry dock, they texted us to say that they had just disembarked. How could that be, since we were at the gate? Turns out they took the car ferry over!

By the time we fetched them it was nearly lunch. Where would we take them for an authentic taste of the island? We headed to Alexa & Giovani’s Loncheria. They were very impressed. In fact, we were all blown away by the food quality, presentation and affordable prices!

Sorry about the pink tinge. All of my pics from the Loncheria turned out this way. This was the gorgeous shrimp ceviche,

the coconut shrimp

and the shrimp tostadas ordered by the female side of the table.


and fajitas were selected by the males. All were proficiently prepared and delicious!

From there we headed to Hortencia’s to introduce family to family. By this time it was time to cool off for a swim. The water was the perfect temperature and we enjoyed dipping in and out, sometimes with the baby in tow.

After a brief visit at our apartment to change out of suits, we headed to El Patio for Happy Hour. The drinks were flowing along with some great snacks of

more coconut shrimp,


and nachos.

We were having a grand old time. This was caught of me, loving the generous wine pours at Happy Hour.

But all good things have to end, including this wonderful visit. We walked them back to the car ferry, with the hope that they will join us on Isla in 2024. Just as we paused to enjoy this sunset, my side of the family pulled up in their golf cart. The guys got out and the girls hopped in and D and I joined them for a night cap at Lola Valentina where they were headed for dinner.

I didn’t get a chance for many pictures but I couldn’t pass on a shot of this gorgeous burger. Lola Valentina’s does a great many dishes, very well.

As I struggled to sleep that night (yes Carnival was still going strong), I couldn’t get the image of our beautiful niece out of my mind’s eye.

Kath’s quote: “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” — Margaret Thatcher

Love never fails.

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