Day 14 Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Moving up island


My last sunrise from the Malecon in Centro. It was moving day!

I had intentionally been secretive about where we were staying while we were still on the island. That was because, Punta Piedra is so popular and we hadn’t received confirmation that we could return to the property in 2024. Sorry, not sorry. The 2 bedroom second floor unit was so perfect for D and I, and our best friends from Toronto that were arriving that evening, we didn’t want to take any chances about not securing it for the 2024 season.

The primary bedroom had a fold out couch, to sleep an extra person or have some privacy while reading or scrolling your phone.

There was a King Sized bed in the primary bedroom with a walk in closet and en suite. We wanted our friends to enjoy the space.

We brought our hammock from home and it stayed almost permanently in this location. When the sun was high, it was a lovely place to catch the shade.

There was basic wooden furniture that was reasonably comfortable. The view from here was so mesmerizing that we really think about our butts.

Looking in from the balcony, there were two loveseats in the living room.

We ate many breakfasts and a couple of restaurant delivery meals in the dining area.

From the living room to the balcony.

Our room was spacious too with lots of storage in the hutch. It was right next door to the second bathroom. The first night we left our window wide open but I couldn’t sleep because of the crashing of the waves. The next evening, we left it open an inch or so and I slept like a baby.

In the kitchen was a hotplate corner to cook omelets, a microwave, coffee maker and fridge. The toaster needed replacing but that was our only suggestion. The fridge was full sized and that was a good thing as we kept it well stocked. In my mind it was made perfect with the window over the sink to catch a breeze when we did the dishes.

D cracking his first beer and enjoying the hammock.

Around the corner from the main balcony was a whole other stretch of space which caught the sun, all day long as well as being the perfect spot for sunsets.

The view from our bedroom window.

We put out a snack and waited for our friends. My BIL M was in Centro with his golf cart, so he agreed to meet and deliver them, which meant no one had to pay for cab rides. They were a long time in coming due to the busyness of the airport and being met by the shuttle. A fellow passenger barfed in the via en route. Needless to say they didn’t use CARM, which is our favourite transfer company.

The extra time meant that D and I could kind of decompress from our stay in Centro. It was like being on a totally different island at our new digs.

We caught the changing colour of the sky and knew that sunset was imminent.

While looking west across the island, we would sometimes see what appeared to be a moving telephone pole-it was the mast of yacht on the other side of the island!

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, there were many glasses of wine enjoyed while watching the setting sun.

And then the little crescent of the moon came out.

Once our friends arrived, they dropped their luggage and we walked to Green Verde for a late supper. There are pics and descriptions of the evening in the link.

As the last half of our vacation began, we were blessed anew by the pleasures of Punta Piedra.

Kath’s quote: There are some people you meet where it’s never awkward, no matter how much time has passed. The friendship is so deep that time makes no difference. Authour unknown

Love never fails.

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