Day Four Trip Report Isla Mujeres with Dinner at Fredy’s


Another beautiful sunrise on an equally beautiful day-the day my twin brother and sister were born 65 years prior.

Have you ever been on Centro Beach when the car ferry went by? It seems that it travels dangerously close to the shore where people frolick in the water.

This was the view from the hammock that day-swaying palms and impossibly blue sky!

The beach was huge and there seemed to be room for everyone.

Just after this pic was taken of my handsome guy, the clouds that you can see to the right edge of the photo, started rolling in. We got back to the apartment in time, but soon after, it started to pour. On Isla when it rains heavily the streets flood in Centro making it impossible to keep your feet dry as you hop scotch among the puddles. We wanted a perfect evening as we were celebrating the wonderfulness of those newly senior twins!

I cherish all my siblings. K and K are closest to me in age. I have always been proud of my handsome brother with his keen sense of humour and his athletic abilities. I watched many of both his hockey games and practices in the olden days, when they weren’t always in indoor arenas. In Manitoba, Canada that’s love.

Sister #2, Sister #3 and I have always been magically close-acutely feeling each others’ pain and mountaintop experiences. The bond between three sisters, like three chords or rope, are not easily broken.

Here is the eldest of the twins with her husband and daughter. The latter traveling all the way from Australia to be with us on this day.

Here’s my D with Sister #3 and our SIL L. We are family who happen to be friends and friends who happen to be family.

Fredy too, is an important part of our extended Mexican family and we couldn’t imagine celebrating anywhere else. To read about many other visits, click this link. He put aside a table far from the rain, allowed us to decorate and ensured that he had stocked up with our families’ favourites-his pork chop above and shrimp below, along with ribs, Mexican platter, chicken fajitas, etc. etc. All prepared beautifully with flavours that we dream about from one season to the next. In fact Sister #2 and her family hadn’t been on the island in six years and I think she yearned for Fredy’s shrimp that entire time!

Fredy also gave us permissions to bring in desserts prepared by our lovely friends at Dulzara Argentinian Bakery. One was a tropical fruit cheese cake and the other a chocolate and coconut concoction-both rich, decadent and perfect for a very special occasion like this.

You can see the fun that we have as a family.

Fun that continues, even after the smoke from the blown out candles has cleared.

Kath’s quote: “With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come.”-William Shakespeare

Love never fails.

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