Day Three Isla Mujeres Trip Report


I was getting pretty use to these solo sunrises. They are better when shared I must admit. But pretty darn good on my own.

Sometimes the colours of the sunrise sky go on and on. On this morning I could still enjoy them from “home”.

Sister #3 and I were off on an adventure. We took the bus to check out a restaurant new to us, near Punta Sur. We passed the entrance to Little Garrafon (as we always called it). The gorgeous blue of the water was even more beautiful against the red of the Coca Cola truck. Boy, the locals sure love their Coca Cola!

Sister #3 enjoying the wonderful cocktails at Rancho Capricho. Click here to read more.

After our delicious lunch, we got back on the bus and headed back to Centro. We met a lovely woman from Scandinavia who was travelling alone. She had many fascinating ports of call on this side of the Atlantic and it was a pleasure to meet her and have a quick chat about the world.

The bus stop we got off at, just happened to be right by our favourite liquado and popsicle store. We sat on the wall in front of this fabulously painted building and enjoyed our dessert-a lime popsicle for Sister #3 and a pistachio one for me!

By this time. it was definitely the hottest part of the day and I needed some cooling off. D was already on the beach. He was pretty easy to spot as we take down our own chair and hammock and don’t line up at the water’s edge with everyone else. We claimed the space just off of the sidewalk where there are still palm trees (some of them impossibly small) to string our hammock and luxuriate in the shade.

As the afternoon wore on we headed home for showers and then headed right back with cocktails to enjoy the setting sun.

People love to see D come by as he volunteers to takes everyone’s pictures so they don’t have to wrestle with selfies.

The sunset was a beauty and we were grateful anew to always return to this special place.

For dinner, we decided to dine in our little apartment. We often buy these chops that are half ham/half pork chop when we are on the island, so we cooked them up pastor style with salad and orzo. Delish. We always intend to dine in more often, but get pulled by the lure of being with family and friends and visiting the many fabulous restaurants within walking distance of Centro. Besides, I had already dined out once that day.

And when we don’t spend on supper, that means….churros! Everyone has their favourite carts. Ours is Churassic Park! They don’t taste greasy, are made to order and we love the cinnamon and sugar sprinkle.

By this time, we wear getting weary and with D playing tennis every morning before sunrise, it was time to get ready for a new day.

Kath’s quote: “Churros are like long Mexican doughnut sticks that have been fried or dipped in cinnamon sugar or, as the sign tells me, strawberry sugar. They smell like God’s footprints. I’ve never had a real churro, but halfway down the promenade, I make a decision to give up on everything: finding Alex, finding another job, the meaning of life. Just give me that sweet fried dough”.-Jean Bennet.

Love never fails.

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