Days 8, 9 & 10 Isla Mujeres Trip Reports


The morning of Day 8 had a twist. After sunrise I got organized to meet D for breakfast at Green Verde. Click here for all the delicious details.

When D and I met up, I read him a listing that I had found on FB Marketplace about a fabulous rental opportunity on North Beach. Before I was finished reading the unbelievable details of the unit, he said “Book it”. I was so happy about his enthusiasm because it seemed too good to be true. You probably already know the outcome. We spent the rest of the morning, visiting the property and researching the fellow that had posted the listing. Everything rolled along until he asked us to transfer the payment in full to his private bank account. We had been scammed! The good news was that we had proceeded cautiously and hadn’t given the imposter a single penny. The only thing we had to endure was him berating us that we would not trust his integrity claiming that we could ask anyone of the island to vouch for him. When we did ask friends who were in the know-not surprisingly, no one had ever heard of this guy. Lesson learned.

That evening we joined Sister #2 and her family for dinner at their rental. Sister #2 is famous for gathering us together for dinner. She often does so at our lake where they live full time. She also has on other locations on Isla. One year when they stayed at Mar y Sol, we pulled a table up to the bed and that was where half of us sat for supper!

So this is us. Back row: SIL L, Bro K, BIL M, my D, me. Front row D and D from Australia, Sister #2 and Sister #3.

Day 9 another solo sunrise. You get the drill…

My Valentine flowers opened beautifully. This one was about as big as my head!

Another stunning day on Centro Beach.

That evening we were back on our favourite corner for an outstanding dinner at Jax. If you haven’t already read about it, click here.

Day 9. Yada, yada, yada…

Sister #2 had driven to Centro in a golf cart. I hailed her down on Medina as she was looking for a place for a quick breakfast. She chose Ruben’s because there was reasonable parking for her golf cart in the vicinity. I hadn’t been since I lost my dear friend Ruben during the pandemic. If you had met him, I am sure that you would agree that the world was diminished by his passing.

By the time we convened at Hortencia’s, we met up with Sister #3 and SIL L. Hortencia’s is an honorary sister of the Kapilik brood. We ordered many beautiful things from her and then took advantage of the golf cart by heading up island (or is it down?) to the Woman’s Beading Co-op. We had given Sister #2 pesos for her birthday and they were burning a whole in her pocket.

Once we were deposited back home, Sister #2 asked us if we wanted a lift to Garden of Frida where we had planned on lunch. Have you tried their tasty fare?

Previous to dinner that evening, we wanted to take Australians D and D out for Happy Hour as it was the former’s birthday. We met them at Fish & Gin before their dinner reservation at Olivia’s.

We caught the tale end of sunset and wandered home for an evening on our own.

Kath’s quote: “Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life”. -Lisa Weed

Love never fails.

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