Isla 2014-Full Day 1, Hit the Beach



Our first full day begins with a quiet time together, just before dawn.





J1 and the Newbie getting their bearings before heading into town with D for coffee and juice.


With Daughter #2’s assistance, I hung the hammock that we lugged from home.  I wasn’t going to go anywhere for a while…..


Hours later (it was maybe 10 am), D and our entourage strolled to North Beach to be with the Wee One when she swam in the ocean for her very first time.


En route, Daughter #1 opted to treat herself to a pedicure in Centro.


All suited up, she took to it like,


well… like a fish to water.



We split into two groups at lunch time: half headed to the Loncherias and D, Daughter #1, Legs and I to Son Cochos for mix and match fajitas ($6 for three).  We each ordered a different variety: fish, shrimp, pork and chicken and then we traded them around to each have a taste. But even better than the tasty lunch were the ice cold Sols that we slugged back.  The walking and the beach certainly created a thirst.

Sister #3 and Dona were arriving that afternoon so D and I hung out to meet four ferries before admitting defeat and heading home for Happy Hour.  I whipped up some pico de gallo and the battle for best blended cocktail between J1 and his cousin “Legs” commenced. Each of the gang bought a bottle for the bar which proved to be economical and practical when the Wee One was put to bed for the night. I loved both the Mexicoladas (like a Pina Coolada with the addition of tequila) and Kahlualadas with a pureed banana, but in the end I was well pleased with the selection of affordable vino tintos on the island.  Carmeneres, Cab Sauvs and Merlots from Chile and Argentian Malbecs, all for under $10.



Wee One got into the swing of things too…she was researching imported beer varieties for her Daddy.


Here’s a far more flattering photo of the two of them.



We have been accustomed to sitting on our duffs to watch sunset but with the Wee One going to bed early and our efforts to all have dinner together, we found that we enjoyed sunset just as much while mobile- strolling down the airport strip.


We found out later that Sister #3 and Dona had experienced many issues getting to the island.  Turns out that they arrived about 4 and we had just missed them at the ferry.  Here they are having their inaugural cocktail before we met them for dinner at Angelo`s.  They look none the worse for wear, if you ask me.


Beautiful cousins.

When you are getting settled in at Angelo’s they come by with a big puffy disc of dough that has just come out of their wood-fired oven.  We tore it into pieces and dragged it through their exceptional olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Dona and I both ordered black olive, artichoke and ham pizza.  She took most of hers home and she and Sister #3 had it with a salad the next day for lunch.  D ordered frutti de mare pasta and we shared both (there was nothing left for OUR lunch the next day).


J1 selected the Quattro pizza, unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of it.  Above is the Newbie’s Mexican pizza.


“Legs” and Daughter #1 split the “Isla Mujeres” a.k.a. futti de mare pizza.  This has been my go to choice for years and years and I wish that I had ordered it again that night.  I LOVE this dish.


Daughter #2 remembered the carbonara from years previously and savoured it once again.  J2  remembered the dish she ordered a couple of years prior as well, and ordered the asparagus, white wine and bow ties.


D and Sister #3 both chose the frutti de mare pasta.  The latter did a taste comparison later in the week and declared Angelo’s served a superior version to Brisas Caribe.  Dinner was a delight in every way.


We topped off our evening with another stroll up Hidalgo where we met our Islander friend Jose who sells treats from out of the back of a truck for a couple of bakeries in Colonias.  We ordered the pineapple pie to cap off another perfect day.

Kath’s quote: “He is the very pineapple of politeness!”-Richard Brinsley Sheridan


Love-that is all.





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“Isla 2014-Full Day 1, Hit the Beach”

  1. Avatar March 15th, 2014 at 8:09 pm Pat Kapilik Says:

    Excellent job and the sunset picture could be entered into a contest as well. A good time was had by all I’m sure, lovely having the entire family together! You are blessed.

  2. Avatar March 22nd, 2014 at 7:29 am Nancy Says:

    I agree, you are so blessed to have these wonderful vacations with your family. Some day I would love to show my kids and grandkids the wonders of Isla Mujeres. Your Wee One is so precious and your photos are beautiful. I always look forward to your Isla trip blogs.

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