Isla Mujeres 2013 Day 11



We can never get enough of Ziggy and even though we had dined at Monchi’s the night before, we saw him at our next meal at Café Cito in the morning.



D chose the fresh fruit and Mexican eggs and I once again had the scrambled eggs and sautéed potatoes.


The piece de resistance at Café Cito is the toast (or buns) and the coconut/pear jam.  I can’t get enough of it.



This was the day that we rented a golf cart and so we boogied around before we settled in for our primary task of the day.


We were pleased to host a special happy hour that evening in celebration of Sister #2 and Brother #3’s birthday (yes-they are twins).  The preparation made us feel as if we were locals.  I even picked flowers.  Isobel, who’s family owns Luna D’Miel was such a huge help with our preparations.  She is an extraordinary hostess and I would shout her accolades from the mountaintop (except that I am selfish and want to ensure that we can always get our room there).



Just as our guests started to trickle in, I captured another couple of gorgeous sunset pics.


Our niece had arrived by this time and even though many of the guests that we had invited did not attend in the end, it was our gang, Jean, Rich, Jan, Bruce and Pollo made an impromptu appearance.  As we had not decided where to go for the evening, we asked Pollo what he would suggest.  He called Sergio over at Limon and low and behold, there was room for us!





From the outside, I had no idea that the interior would be so sleek and luxurious.  But as gorgeous as the décor was, the food was even better.  We were the last table to arrive that evening and  we knew that we were low persons on the totem pole with the kitchen.  Sergio not only circulates through the dining, he personally oversees everything that comes  out of the kitchen and we know that good food is worth waiting for.


We were content to catch up with Richelle and imbibe with the red wine that had been poured out at the table.



After a couple of caprese salad


and tortilla soups were consumed at our table,


the staff surmised that we would be more comfortable if we moved out to the gazebo in the garden.  The breeze was lovely and by this time Sergio himself had an opportunity to join us at the table.


Richelle and I shared the fruita de mare fettuccine-with conch, shrimp and clams.  Tossed in a rich cream sauce, Richelle declared that it was “moan worthy”.


Doug  tick ‘n chix.


Donna avocado salad,


Michael fettuccine bolognaise,


Kim and Sue hibiscus tacos.  Of the many amazing restaurants on Isla, Limon is now on my “must visit” list for future holidays.

It had been a long day and we were weary.  We decided to grab a cab instead of walking home.  The thing about spending time on Isla is that I am never disappointed when a fabulous days ends because I know that another amazing day awaits…..

Kath’s quote: “This dish is “moan” worthy”. -niece Richelle


Love-that is all.

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“Isla Mujeres 2013 Day 11”

  1. Avatar January 4th, 2014 at 10:04 pm Kelly Says:

    I’m sitting here in Thief River Falls, MN, just a skip and a jump south of Winnipeg, freezing my buns off. What does a person do when house bound and feeling a bit lazy? Sit and surf the net of course! So I come across this wonderful blog about Isla. Myself, my hubby and another couple have been traveling to Mexico together for the last 11 years and for the last 3 we have been going to Isla. We are in love with it! We enjoy every bit of flavour it has to offer. It truly is a magical place. We are booked for the third week in January and your blog has helped me to bridge the here and “I can’t wait to friggin’ get there!”. We can’t wait for that first cervaza for the ferry, lunch at Iguana’s if it rains, happy hour at the Soggy
    Peso, our never ending quest for great fish ceviche, coffee at sunrise, and that melancholy feeling one gets on that last day on the island. Before we leave, I never forget to stand on the waters edge, look out and remind myself of how small we really are against that vast beautiful ocean. Life is good!

  2. Avatar January 6th, 2014 at 7:43 am Kathryne Says:

    Kelly, I can tell that we would be Isla Sistas if we were there together. Isla is magical for so many reasons-one being that as soon as you say “cold beer for the ferry and coffee at sunrise” I am instantly swept away and can hear the waves and the birds, smell the salt of the sea and actually taste that first cervesa. My “real” sister is leaving this morning. She should be on Isla for lunch. That is one of the reasons that I actually don’t mind living in Winnipeg ….because it is so close to Mexico lol (as the crow flies). So for the short while I will live through her. We don’t leave until “Reading Week” because I have two girls in university and we are hosting our little family there this year. We have a house for 1/2 of us and the other half will be two doors away. I can determine that you frequent the “other” side of the airport strip so my hunch is that you stay in the area. I am glad that you have been able to “escape” the winter for a few minutes via my blog. I hope that you have been able to go back a couple of years for trip reports. If not, drop me a line and I will send you the links. Love-that is all. K

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