Isla Mujeres 2014-Arrival Day



Let me put this in perspective for you.  We have had the worst winter in 35 years.  Typically when we experience severe cold, the snow is sparse.  Years when the snows is abundant, it is relatively balmy.  The winter of 2014?  Record breaking cold and snow, snow and more snow.  Our entourage made the 7 hour drive in two vehicles to Minneapolis to catch our flights, saving considerable money by doing so.  Half of us stayed at D’s brother and sister-in-laws at their gorgeous home right on a lake.



We left Minneapolis in a snowstorm and were concerned that we may be delayed by the weather.  We endured about a 40 degree temperature change but otherwise our direct flight was relatively uneventful.  We touched down at 2:50 pm on a Monday afternoon.  It was the briefest time that I have ever been in a Cancun airport.  We were promptly met by AGI who even had a car seat for the Wee One. We just missed the 4 o’clock ferry crossing but this provided the opportunity to buy a celebratory beer for the most beautiful leg of our journey.


I stayed on the ferry’s main floor for the crossing but I made D promised to take some photos up top.  I love the crossing and was interested in knowing how everyone enjoyed themselves but especially The Frenchman who was our Isla Newbie.


We stupidly decided to walk, pulling our luggage half way up the airport strip to our homes for the next stretch of time.


The sun was low on the horizon by the time we were given our keys.


J1, J2 and the Wee One looked happy to have arrived.



We dropped off our bags and immediately headed back out for an early dinner at one of our favourite spots.  In fact La Lomita was the very first place that I ever ate on the island, just moments after we had arrived for the first time in 2005.  We watched the sunset as we made the walk into town.


Daughter #2 and the Newbie deciding what they will share for dinner.


They were thrilled with the breaded fish with the surprize of coconut.


Our niece who was a part of entourage ordered the bean soup at my urging.  She was pleased with the taste but not necessarily the aftermath of her dinner.  I haven’t given her a pseudonym yet for this space.  She made quite an impression on the Islanders just by strolling down Hidalgo and so from here on in, I will refer to her as “Legs”.


J2 loved the garlic shrimp (so much so, I know that she went back and ordered it again before the end of her stay on Isla).


Daughter #1 scooped up the shrimp ceviche.

Almost everyone else selected the La Lomita’s famous Chilies Relleno.


I must have been busy with the Wee One to not have gotten a photo of the Chilies.  Here is the bean soup that comes with it.


We augmented our orders with pico de gallo, creamy guacamole and papas fritas.


These were the remains of the day.

J1 and J2 headed back home to get the Wee One settled and the rest of us wandered Hidalgo to scope out the 2 for 1 drink offerings.  D and I departed quickly to pick up some groceries and walk the sea wall on our own, whilst pinching ourselves that we were finally home on Isla again.

Kath’s quote:  “We’re a long, long way from home.  Home’s a long, long way from us.”-Bruce Springsteen

mosaic heart

Love-that is all.




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