Isla Mujeres 2016 Trip Report- Day Three






Another beautiful rooftop sunrise. There was a big bank of cloud on the horizon which made it an unusual ½ sunrise. I have decided that sunrise is my favourite time on the island.


Another batch of seaglass.

I was content to just hang out but was able to contact Ruben (see full restaurant feature here) so went to his place for breakfast. He had not been well and it was his first day back at work. You would never tell he had been sick as he zoomed around the restaurant, stopping to chat at every table. We saw Sister #3 & Dona there who were splitting the shrimp omelette and eggs bennie. Ruben suggested the classic bennie and the special lobster bennie with poblano sauce. Both were sensational! Ruben’s also has good coffee and excellent oj.






After breakfast we cut across the street to our favourite market stall to buy fresh fixings for our dinner with Hortenzia’s family.


The Madonna and bird was spotted as we made our way across the square.

We finished our shopping at the Supermercado and then got ice and ice cream. D hit the kitchen right after and Sister #3 & Dona arrived in short order.

We spent the afternoon prepping for dinner and then Dona and I went out to order chickens and check out the Artist Fair. We much preferred when the fair was held in the square.

We returned to Villas San Miquel for nachos and cervesa. Hortenzia (the local dress-maker) invites us to their place on a regular basis for dinner with her family. We try to reciprocate on an annual basis. She and her family got lost trying to find us at Villas San Miguel, but Sister #3 & Dona found them out by the basketball court.




We had a fabulous dinner of chicken, pasta salad, cole slaw & D’s hot fudge sundaes for dessert.


D entertained the kids with tricks on his I-Pad.

When they left, we sat outside around the pool for a night cap.

Kath’s quote: “Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly”.- M F K Fisher


Love never fails.

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