Isla Mujeres 2017 Trip Report-Day 8




Our little ray of sunshine.

This was the day we moved from Centro to our “home”-Luna d’Miel.  J1 & J2, the little girls, Daughter #1, Lori and the rest of entourage departed that morning. Our sunshine had quite the melt down when they had to leave for the ferry. 




We waved farewell and then packed up what was left in our hotel and waited for our golf cart to be delivered. We drove to Luna d’Miel to make sure we could check in, then drove back with our stuff, and were settled by 1 pm.





As is always the case, we felt at “home” with D in his hammock and I to the surf and the beach.

We switched from hammock to chairs and back again. Later in the afternoon, we went to Chedrui for special potato chips and ate them with rum and colas for our Happy Hour in the front roadside chairs.








We went down to Playa Sol with what was left of the gang for the last sunset before D & D (the newly married couple) departed for Tulum.


Sister #2 and I walked to Amar (click on link to read all about our dinner) to ensure they could accommodate all of us. The place was very well appointed and as Dyl pointed out “it had a nice vibe”. When we arrived the place was not terribly busy but by the time we ordered, every table was occupied.

I did not record in my journal what we got up to after dinner but I suspect it was what we do every evening of our stay at Luna D’Miel. We sat together by the water and listened to the crashing waves, while reflecting on another day in paradise and how we were truly blessed to experience it.

Kath’s quote: “I’m always sad to leave paradise, but I leave behind the hopes of coming again soon”. -Irina Shayk


Love never fails.






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