Isla Mujeres 2018 Trip Report-Day 3


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Up at 6:30 for this beautiful sunrise and then went back to bed to read. The day proved to be an odd one for me. I had an earache and sometimes a headache. I was just very weary. Sister #3 is sick too and didn’t join the others at the beach. Originally I stayed back in case she needed anything but in the end I was glad that I stayed home to rest. It look like another glorious beach day.

I lunched on a homemade torta of salami, cheese, mayo and chips. Made my appetizer for the fiesta that evening.

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The view of the sea from the party location at Casa Caribbean with lengthening shadows was beautiful.



The view of the sunset across the Bay of Cancun was exquisite and then we turned to the east

and saw the rising of the super moon!



Sister #3 and I look better than we were both feeling.


In fact J pictured here was not feeling well and lots of spouses were not able to attend because of illness too.

It was the first time that we received an invite to the Fiesta and we felt very loved and blessed to be included. Thanks Doris and Vince and everyone who brought along such scrumptious food.

Kath’s quote:“Condiments are like old friends — highly thought of, but often taken for granted.”-Marilyn Kaytor


Love never fails.





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