Isla Mujeres 2019-Arrival Day


Since we had purchased our flight and our accommodation months in advance, we had a very long time to anticipate what our arrival day would be like. Up early, a quick flight to Calgary and then onto Cancun soon after. We had no way of knowing that our departure from Calgary would be delayed for so many hours. The pilot and his first officer made a routine walk and visual assessment of the plane and decided that it would require repair. We found this interesting as we could tell that it was a brand smacking new plane. This decision was made while we were sitting on the tarmac. When the crew found out that it wasn’t a quick fix, we were deplaned so another plane could be brought in the place of our original plane. I am sure that it doesn’t have any connection to the Boeing 737 Max recall but it was indeed  the same plane. In all we were 5 ish hours late. Best laid plans…..


We thought that we might catch the sunset on the ferry to Isla but instead we watched it set from the plane long before we began our descent. When we arrived in the dark to the ferry we were so grateful to be so close to our paradise, that we made the most of it and took pictures in the dark instead.


Isla…here we come!

IMG_20190222_234345_554 (2)

We hopped right into a cab and directed it to our “home” on the airport strip. I have lost count of how many years D and I have stayed at the Luna d’ Miel Apartments. The sights, sounds and the feel of the breeze on the ocean side is exactly the same  whenever we arrive and that is what it makes it home.

We had planned ahead and picked up a bottle of wine at the Calgary airport, when we knew that we would arrive after our favourite wine store would be closed. We sat  and sipped and reflected of the blessing that it was to be on Isla again.

Kath’s quote: “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” -Confucius


Love never fails.



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