Isla Mujeres 2019 Trip Report-Day 12



My first night in a new bed, I had an awful sleep, as I often do in a new place. As a result I didn’t make sunrise. 


I did venture to the ferry to see V & D off. It was a hot and muggy day with a reported norte on the way.


I slid open the 2 walls of windows and used the time to get some work done.


Sister #3 and I scouted out a new spot in Colonias for us for lunch: La Chatita where the local, home-cooked for was exceptional. Update: I read just today on the Isla Mujeres’ Food page that they were having to close.




As we walked for a bit to hail a cab, we were lured into Café Jacquar where we were treated to a margaraita (we asked to share it as we were so full from lunch). It was one mighty fine margarita!

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Mid-afternon, I walked over to Media Luna, not to swim but to stand in the water and enjoy the refreshing splashes.


That evening we also enjoyed dinner at Xontolo. The cocktails were inventive and sublime and the culinary artistry of some Mexican classics blew us away.

After a full day of delicious food and libations, I was glad that it wasn’t far to walk home and crash early (after I stopped at Nash’s to watch last period of the Jets hockey game, of course).

Kath’s quote: “My other car is a Zamboni”.-Bumper Sticker 

Isla heart

Love never fails.





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