Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 12



That morning there was another gorgeous sunrise. Dawn is one of my favourite times on the island.


Another hot and windy day so I stayed under the umbrella for the duration.


D took friends Rudy and Andy on a walk and beer tasting at Isla Beer. They stopped on their way home to cool off in the breeze (and have just one more cold beer). Andy had never been out to Luna d’ Miel, and he really like it.

Earlier that morning, D had visited X Bulu Ha to make arrangements with them and share in some breakfast. So I had much of the day to myself.

R & M dropped in on their way in from Centro. Their hotel was having a grand opening so there was no place to sit and they had been in Centro all day. I made popcorn and we had a lovely visit under the umbrella.


That evening we went into Centro for dinner at El Patio.

day12-5Afterwards Michelle and Jan (whom we had met years prior at Luna d’ Miel) met us for drinks and a visit. They are Canadians too, but from a province that we had never visited, so a couple of years ago we visited Prince Edward Island.

We had a little wine with the stars before bed.

Kath’s quote: “Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.”- Stephen Beaumont


Love never fails.

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