Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 15 Part 2


That evening was very windy. I had heard from the Luna d’ Miel gang that they couldn’t even go to the back of the apartments, the wind was that bad. (Good day to move into Centro I guess).


Since we had shared lunch, we got the yearning for another treat late afternoon, so we each had a pastor taco next door at Natural. Who knew that even though you order “pastor” which means pineapple and pork, you have to request the pineapple. No biggie, the tacos were tasty either way.





Shortly thereafter we poured “to go” cups and went to be together for our last sunset-it was splendid.



I asked D what his last food request would be? He chose 1000 Tacos because, like me, it was his nicest surprise that season on the island. (Covid note: I pray that this little business makes it.)


D hadn’t seen Javi yet, so we had a drink there and enjoyed seeing Javi and his Dad perform.


Sister #3 ordered a couple of appetizers. I dream of the tempura asparagus from Javi’s.


D headed to hotel to retrieve his luggage and R and M met us for good-byes at the ferry. This is our traditional pouty picture-extra pouty when we don’t leave together. I am so blessed to have a husband who allows me the freedom to do things like stay on the island when he has to get back to work.

R & M walked me home with tales of how much the island had changed but not necessarily for the good. Bedtime in another new bed.

Kath’s quote: “Good-byes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such separation”. -Rumi


Love never fails.


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