Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 16



I woke up before the alarm that I set so that I did not miss the sunrise. But it was too cloudy for a sunrise anyway.


Besides, I was happy to just get my bearings again back at XBulu Ha. I love that I can see a little patch of the ocean from my room on the front street.



These little guys are on our beach on Lake Winnipeg in the summer. I am amazed that they migrate so far north.

I was wanting to attend “Church on the Beach” so I strolled down to North Beach to check out the wind. By that time the clouds had cleared and it was glorious on the beach.



The service itself was beautiful and it was a joy to be worshipping with so many in such an amazing setting.


Since I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I stopped at North Garden’s Bakery for a cinnamon bun. I prefer the style we make back in central Canada, but it was pretty good.


It was another hot one so I met up with the extended gang for time on the beach. With the wind, the beach was enormous that day.


How windy was it? Well there certainly was no use putting my hair into a ponytail.


I took this photo for the middle Wee One who is crazy about unicorns especially rainbow ones!



It was a hot walk home so I ducked into a little gallery en route.



The sculptor there was showing some fabulous work.


Yes I am a goofball.

Just before sunset that same evening, I was in for another special experience. In this case, I was very disappointed that D wasn’t still on the island because the evening was especially romantic.


M and I met in university when our lives were very different from our lives now but still our friendship has remained true. Perhaps it is because of all the sorrows (and joys) we have weathered together over the years.


Her fella R has been in my life almost as long as M. There was a time when out of kindness, the three of us were almost inseparable.




We sat with our feet in the sand at The Mayan Beach Club on the perfect spot to soak up the lowering sun.


The setting sun was very beautiful.


Almost as beautiful as when it had completely disappeared.



Even though the wind was still high and a bit nasty elsewhere on the island, it was perfect in this little paradise.

What did we eat that memorable evening? Well that story deserves a post of its own (after Covid).

Kath’s quote: “Things end but memories last forever”. -Unknown


Love never fails.


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