Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 3






That morning’s glorious sunrise made up for the one I missed the day prior.

I met Jan and Bruce as I walked to the taxi stand to meet Sister #3. Since I had not had a real visit with them yet, I had lots of things to ask about. Sister #3 and I stopped at Luna d’Miel en route to Coco Jaguar to pick up my kitchen supplies that were stored from the previous year. We may not need them in 2021 as we are looking at some other alternatives.


We were to meet Maria, the manager at Coco Jaguar but unfortunately her phone had been stolen so she couldn’t let her staff know the circumstances.


The good news was that we spotted our long time friend Jean from the 2nd floor of Coco Jaguar. She was out on her daily walk but had been caught in a shower so we asked her to join us from our perch. It was so lovely to get caught up with her as she shared what the future might hold.


Since I missed out on breakfast I enjoyed a bowl of coconut pineapple yoghurt from a shared balcony on the front of the hotel when I got home. Later I sat up my little kitchen and then I hung out at the hotel before meeting some new friends. I have heard my bestie Melinda (who doesn’t live in the same city as me), speak of Jane for a number of years. It turned out that Jane and her husband Peter happened to be on the island at that time.

We met for bevvies at Esquina and to introduce ourselves to one another. As I was on my way to visit Hortencia, they walked with me and I was able to introduce them to Hortencia’s entire family. Jane indicated that she was going to return when it was cooler to select a pareo for a dress. They then walked with me to the beach so I was able to introduce the rest of our gang. Uncharacteristic of me, I went right in the ocean for a swim and then enjoyed a nice visit with Bro #3 and his wife L.


Later that same day I met Bro #3 and L outside of their hotel as we were going to catch the sunset together. Another sudden rain shower came up, so we continued our visit in their room at Los Arcos. I captured this from their little balcony.

Next up was dinner at Fredy’s. It was a bit delayed as a party of 20 that was supposed to show up at 6, didn’t arrive until 8 and then plugged up the kitchen.

We met Fredy’s new server Penny also from Canada.


Lorena and L loved Fredy’s fajitas,


Sister #3 her Mex plate


and Bro #3 his pork chop.


I took the opportunity to try Fredy’s tortilla soup-delish!

Covid comment: I see Fredy posting on Facebook so I assume all is well for he and his family. We love Fredy and Ana dearly and pray that they continue to be safe and well. Boy wouldn’t you love to be on Isla and greeted by Fredy’s sarcasm right about now?

Kath’s quote: “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”— Unknown


Love never fails.

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