Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 6



The morning was still windy and overcast so I did not venture to the Malecon for sunrise. My niece and her new fiancé were staying in Cancun and blessed us with a visit. They had to sit through a gruelling time share presentation to acquire a golf cart for the day. Even though it was cool, it was a perfect golf cart day! We met them at the ferry.


We needed a golf cart destination so tootled off to Zama Beach Club. Since by then it was lunch time, we ordered libations and Riche and Marty chose their lunch.


They enjoyed their shrimp tacos and


Pico de Gallo.

We explored the island some more and then it was time to go shopping. Hortencia and her daughter-in-law Irma have stalls in the market behind the Loncherias. We love the family and typically restrict our shopping to them. Prices are amazing by comparison to those on Hidalgo. On one occasion I paid 1/3 for a pair of babies overalls that I had priced out on Hidalgo.

We still had time left on the cart so we headed to Fredy’s for Happy Hour. Marty decided he wanted a special vodka. Although Fredy is excellent at interpreting our English requests, Marty is French Canadian (yay another Frenchman in our family!) and was surprised when Fredy brought him a glass of vodka with slices of onion in it! We had a great laugh along side Fredy and the correct order was placed.



The gang gathered at the beach for sunset. The newly engaged couple had not yet made an official announcement so I offered to take a couple of shots for them at dusk.


Lorena took this family picture for us.


I returned the favour by taking one of her and Sister #3-oops!

The day trippers wanted to get back before it was too late so we headed to Lola Valentina’s for dinner! Our time, the cocktails and our dinner was absolutely fantastic but….the tale will have to wait for another time.

Kath’s quote: “Just keep swimming.”-Dory


Love never fails.



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