Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 8




We were treated to a gorgeous sunrise as we settled into our renewed routine. We enjoyed a light breakfast together and then D was off on his walk around the airport strip loop including North Beach.




To say that D is an avid walker is an understatement. I on the other hand am an avid sitter, loving to spend hours writing and reading preferably outside. D did a second walk that day to Isla Brewing to pick up a couple of his favourites.





We headed to Playa Sol long before the sun was expected to set. We enjoyed watching the families and travellers packing up for the day.



We are victims of habit and have a number of dining traditions. One is a visit to Angelo’s for both fruita de mare pasta and pizza. We absolutely love Angelo’s but especially these dishes. We took our left overs and strolled over to El Patio for a nightcap. We reacquainted ourselves with our friend Jacob. We enjoyed a solo nightcap behind our place, under the stars. It was a perfect day.

Kath’s quote: “And one perfect day can give clues for a more perfect life.”-Meg Rosoff


Love never fails.




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