Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 9




After a wonderful morning with our coffee mugs, I caught a bus into Centro. D walked and met me. We were hoping to have breakfast with Bro #3 and L but of course Ruben’s was closed since it was a Sunday.



We decided instead for Alexa & Giovanny’s but they were standing room only so we simply grabbed a table in the next Loncheria. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note about what I ordered.

Our next stop en route to home was to wish Lorena good-bye at the ferry. This also meant that Sister #3 was changing hotels so D helped her move into Xbulu Ha. We left her there not knowing that she had a couple of hours to wait for her room. We jumped into a cab and had enough time for a sit in the sun.

We met our long awaited friends from Toronto at the ferry around supper time. As we walked to Fredy’s for his anniversary dinner, they hopped in a cab to drop off their luggage, quickly freshen up and walk back to Centro.


I am not sure why I didn’t get a picture of Fredy that evening but one of Ana is the next best thing because of course behind every successful man is an understanding woman.


Our evening at Fredy’s was fabulous. There were complimentary appetizers like the ones above. We all selected from an abbreviated menu, featuring his most popular items-ribs,


pork chops


or baked shrimp. There were 13 of us including my friend Jacki from Winnipeg, who I had supper with my first night. She, D and I all selected Fredy’s pork chop and we had tons of leftovers for our next day at Luna d’ Miel.

Ken Wanovich was the musical guest that evening and he was perfect for Fredy’s crowd. Some of us old timers even danced together.

When all was said and done we had another nightcap at El Patio before heading home.

Kath’s quote: ” Behind every great man is a women rolling her eyes…”-Jim Carrey


Love never fails.









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