Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Departure Day



The morning happened in a blur. I didn’t make it for sunrise and before I knew it Jan, Bruce, Dona and Sister #3 saw us off at the ferry terminal. This is Brother #3, L and I on the ferry to Cancun.

The day prior when I was writing from the malecon I remembered hearing a couple of ferry honks, which meant if you were not already on the ferry, you missed out. The coming and going of people and ferries has as always been a fascination to me. I have greeted Brother #3, L, Sister #3, Lorena, my husband, Richard and Melinda and have said good-bye to most of the same.

Covid 19 had created a sensation that I had never known before-I was glad to be going home. But throughout my three weeks on the island, the time went perfectly slowly. I said to myself over and over again “I cannot believe I am still here!” I have seen almost every sunrise and sunset for 20+ days. I love travelling to a place where one of the most important events of the day is the waxing and waning of the sun.

I had been hesitant about my 2020 trip because there had been a lot of crime and even murders in the year in between my times on the island. But the only incident that was a teeny disruptive was when a taxi and a motorcycle bumped into each other on Medina. Perhaps the Policia and the armed Marines are successful in keeping the peace and creating a calm for a traveller like me.


It doesn’t look like paradise from the water does it?

I felt so bad for the Islanders as I left. In conversation with them, they seemed to be unaware of the cancellations and lack of business ahead.

When I was in the luggage line at the airport, I turned the data on my phone to hear the announcement that all persons having travelled internationally must self quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival home.

departure 4

This is what was awaiting me at home-bleh. But so was my wonderful husband who had gotten all stocked up on groceries for our quarantine. We had lots of TV that we recorded while away and new Netflix shows to check out. And now that we are on the other side of that, it wasn’t so bad after all.

Kath’s quote: “I want to take a vacation so long that I forget all my passwords!”


Love never fails.

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