Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Reports-Day 5





Met Jane for sunrise. After a lovely visit she was going to have breakfast and go back to sleep.



I also met Jean and Rich on the malecon and they reminded me that is was Ash Wednesday. When I am on vacation I don’t keep very good track of time but I often attend church on the island. On this morning, I loved the unusual rituals of following the priest outside so he could bless the symbols of the morning as well as bless the people who congregated. Even though the service was in Spanish the application of the cross from ashes on my forehead spoke in an universal language.


After I met Sister #3 and Lorena at the bus stop, we took the short bus ride to the Little Yellow School House for lunch and passed this other beautiful church where another service was going on.

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LYSH is a beautiful program for children with intellectual disabilities on the island. This was the first time I had visited them. Their custom of making a lunch for sale every week on Wednesday, was a thoughtful way to get their students involved, bless the persons who came to knosh and make a little money at the same time.

Our next stop before getting back on the bus was at the Women’s Beading Co-operative where we enjoyed browsing and shopping.

I returned to Centro hot and sweaty so I walked to the beach where Jan and Bruce were sitting and had a quick swim and then a quick visit. Then I walked back home for a shower and to get ready for our dinner at Limon.


Black clouds rolled in as I was returning a bottle of wine to Jan and Bruce at their apartment almost next door. I came home ahead of the anticipated rain and spent another hour or so before I made way to the taxi loop and there was still no rain! You never know on Isla, a shower could come up quite unexpectedly but could also brew up for a big deluge. That is what happened on this evening.

When we arrived at Limon, we sat under the new platform but had to move as the rain was able to penetrate our shelter. So we finished dinner inside.


Lorena and L loved the cilantro chicken,


Sister #3 loved the arrachea and Brother 3#’s shrimp were enormous (sorry no pic)!


I really enjoyed the tortilla soup. Sergio treated us to dessert:


Bananas foster


and Sergio’s stuffed pineapple. Both were stellar!

Mean while the rain storm was building force, especially the wind. Power went off twice. Our taxi drove through flooded streets. The wind howled all night and I was continuously awakened by the lifting up of a big piece of sheet metal on the building site next door to my hotel.

Kath’s quote: “When it rains, look for the rainbows. When it is dark, look for the stars.” – Unknown

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Love never fails.

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