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The restaurant name itself is perfectly chosen. It means “when you do something with love, creativity or soul, putting a piece of yourself into what you do.” Swiss born Andrea has done exactly that.

Let me tell it straight: el meraki is a vegan restaurant and if you are a vegan, I predict that you will eat here often. Very often. But don’t pass it by because it is a vegan restaurant, because their fare is so well executed and absolutely delicious. If you are not vegan, simply visit if you are a lover of tasty, healthy food. Their vision is to share a space that touches the heart, so every individual can shine even brighter! This is exactly how you feel after you have eaten there- lighter and brighter!

On this morning we enjoyed a delectable shot of beet juice. It sparkled in the sun and felt like it sparkled in us too. I love the sweet tastes of beets and it was divine!

We shared a crepe called Happy Mind. The crepe itself is made with chickpeas, producing a nutty flavour and a wee bit of crunch. It was lusciously smeared with cashew hummus. Sauteed mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs were lovingly packed inside.

There was a pause before the next item that we shared and that was because the artisan sough dough bread had not yet been delivered to the restaurant.

Moments later it arrived and was sliced into thick pieces. The bread itself was crunchy on the outside with a slight chew to the inside. One piece was iced with fresh avocado and lime and crowned with crunchy veggies. The second was a sweet offering of cashew spread and sauteed apples. The latter was sweet and the former savoury. Little bites exploded with flavour and were equally satisfying.

El meraki also has a common area where you are invited to sit quietly, read or work. I will remember this in the future, to dive into another writing assignment.

I hope you visit this lovely spot and meet the equally lovely Andrea and her female team. They have created a very special place for your enjoyment. In my mind it is a cherished gift.

Kath’s quote: “To care for each other and planet earth. To share our qualities and uplift each other.“-Andrea

Love never fails.

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