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Criss Medina is from a family that goes back many generations in Isla Mujeres. We first met when I visited one of her restaurants in Centro. Riconcito Kahlo and a couple spin off concepts have moved locations a few times, but I think where they having landed, the previous Sesso Locos, is the ideal spot for them to put down permanent roots.

There is something about Riconcito Khalo that reminds me that life is beautiful. The walls are filled with colourful art, full of flowers and lovely images of Frieda Kahlo, a Mexican icon. The ambience is cheerful yet sophisticated and matches the vibrant nature of the women who run it.

Criss has handed the reigns of the establishment to daughter Dani who is an absolute natural at hospitality. While her smile lights up the room, her attentive nature leaves you feeling very welcome. 

The evening we were there the live music was smooth and sultry. Cindy Lu provides jazz and blues every Friday evening. This week she was joined by Walter Fischbacher and Elisabeth Lohninger who made a stop in Isla before setting out on a European tour. 

I was in the mood for something cold and refreshing sans alcohol and their lemonada was just perfect. Icy cold, lemony and not too sweet. Like a few other restaurants I’ve experienced on Isla RK serve “botanas”, small plates of snacks to enjoy with your drink as you wait for the food. We munched on a small bowl of popcorn and shelled some salted peanuts which helped keep our hunger at bay. 

We decided to order one decadent dish and one on the lighter side. The first was the quesabirrias for which Riconcito Khalo is famous. I first tried them two years ago and couldn’t wait to have them again. Crunchy tacos with melted cheese and pulled beef that has been slow cooked and is chuck-full of flavour. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s served with a bowl of broth made using the drippings of the beef as its base.

You add chopped red onion and cilantro and a squeeze of lime to the broth and then dip your tacos in like a Mexican beef dip. After you are done, you can finish the broth as a soup. 

Our lighter dish was the aguachile suggested by Dani. Both my sis and I love ceviche so we were pretty sure this would be a hit. It was fantastic. We ordered a mild heat level. The shrimp that is cured in lime juice was tender and sweet. The cucumber, onion, and avocado slices all came together as a perfect dish to eat on tortilla chips. 

I look forward to many a meal and evening of excellent music at Riconcito Khalo. And especially to spending more time with the delightful Criss Medina and her family. 

Riconcito Kahlo is located on Medina next to Green Verde. For menu and hours check out Best money you will ever spend.

Kath’s quote: “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” — Frida Kahlo

Love never fails.

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