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Well readers, we are taking you on another sleuthing mission. This time to find Queen Macabi Restaurant. We hopped in a cab and showed our driver where we were going on the mapchicks app. He barely glanced at the map but fixated on the fact that we mentioned Macabi, part of the name of the restaurant. He was determined to drop us off at Macabi St. We obediently got out of the taxi and consulted GBS.

Even when we were almost on top of the location, we didn’t know it, until we spotted a sign at the bottom of a staircase.

This is the address of the restaurant.
This is the bakery that is on the main floor.
Follow the Queen Macabi sign (above) and then take this staircase to the roof.

The second way you can find the restaurant is by consulting Jose of Cultural Cruisers. He accompanied one of his many groups there, the same afternoon we visited.

We learned a little bit about the business. It had been open about a year and a half. As far as we could determine, Abi the female owner, also operated a second restaurant and had put her son in charge of the Queen Macabi location.

They lovingly prepared us two seafood platters. One had salad, two whole fried fish and fish & shrimp empanadas.

The other platter boasted arrachera, shrimp ceviche, beans, rice, guacamole and my new favourite shrimp aquachiles.

The fried fish obtained that lovely crispy skin, and tender, flaky inside. The empanadas were perfectly prepared and chock fill. The vegetable garnish on the platter meant we got our vegetables for the day.

The arrachera was so flavourful and tender. It was a generous portion and enough for 4 of us to eat our fair share. I enjoyed it with the little bowl of rice which accompanied. The newbies we took with us, loved the ceviche. It was their first time tasting the dish and they are now officially hooked. My favourite was the shrimp aquachiles. I have always been a lover of the fresh taste of cucumber and it is a wonderful way to highlight marinated shrimp.

Chocolate coins came with la quinta.

The decor is pleasant and simple and the breeze on the roof was refreshing. The staff were accommodating and attentive. Abi’s son was especially grateful for our visit. As soon as you find the place once, the tasty food will have you coming back for more. Check out the mapchicks app for menus and hours of operation.

Kath’s quote: “Son’s are the anchors of a mother’s life”.-Sophocles

Love never fails.

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