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As we arrived at their lovely locale right on and over the ocean, we picked a corner table where we would get an unobstructed view of the sunset.

Staff under the careful watch of Manager-Jesus, brought out a white table cloth and reset the table for our enjoyment.

From the moment that our water was served with a choice of lime, cucumber or orange, we predicted that we were in for an evening of pampering.

We started with a pina colada and mango/peach margarita. The glasses they were served in were more like bowls! Friend Karen, remarked on how much tequila was in her margarita and slowly sipped it throughout the evening.

Our first appetizer was a ceviche of fish and octopus. I loved it-especially the tender, flavourful octupus. Some people are put off by the texture of octopus, not me. Years ago when I visited Quintana Roo for the first time, I tried ceviche. But it was not ordinary ceviche, as it was made from conch (the meat that comes from those beautiful huge shells that the locals can sometime make a sound like a tuba)! At first I decided that it was like chewing elastic bands but once you got the hang of it, it was so delicious. The same is true of octopus; if not prepared correctly, it too can be chewy. But not Muelle 7’s recipe! It was beautifully “cooked” in the brine of lime resulting in tender chunks of deliciousness. The little swirl of sesame oil that finished the dish, created a perfect balance of tastes.

Next up were a lovely feed of mussels! We especially appreciated the warmed unleavened bread that they were served with so that you could lap up the broth that they were steamed in.

As we decided on our main course, our server brought over their selection of freshly caught fish. We chose a plump red snapper to share. Our next decision was to ask how we wanted the fish prepared. We decided on frying with a side of clarified butter and garlic.

In truth the fish was perfect as it came. Our server assisted us in pulling the ribbons of fish away from the skeleton. The skin of the fish was crispy and we enjoyed it like you would crackling on a roasted pig.

The plates that our fish was transferred to was heaped with a jicama salad in the lightest of dressings, as well as fresh el dente vegetables. The crown on the plate for me was the decadent mashed potatoes. A fork of potatoes and that fish created a satisfying taste and we sure needed that feed of veggies.

A dessert tray came around at the end of our evening.

We shared a chocolate cake that was less sweet than recipes from home. It may be the reason that I saw midnight for the first time on this trip.

I have been considering a subtitle for this post and I think it is-“the greatest show on Isla” that being both the flashy service of Muelle 7 and the locale for an incredible sunset.

Muelle 7 is right on Medina between the ferry and Playa Centro. If you want to view the menu and hours of operations see the mapchick map, the best money you will ever spend.

Kath’s quote: “I am on a seafood diet, I see food and I eat it.”-Dolly Parton

Love never fails.

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