Isla Mujeres Trip Report 2020-Day 1


For Elaine.

Even though I had left home more than 24 hours previously, I hadn’t felt like I had arrived until I woke up early that first morning-even before my alarm went off! I was in a familiar hotel even if it was in a new bed. I am not always fortunate enough to have a first good sleep.

Day 1-1

As I crept downstairs, I knew that I could likely get a cup of coffee in the lobby but drat, I had to have my first cup with coffee mate instead of the milk that kind Bruce fetched me on my arrival day. As a matter of fact he also bought me a bottle of wine which I was able to return (and drink with them) a number of days later.


Bruce and Jan offered to meet me at the ferry. Thank heavens they did as it was chaotic and I was pooped, stressed and thirsty. So much so, that the Corona I had ordered from CARM and planned to drink on the ferry to enhance the crossing, I gulped down as I stared at the long line waiting for the next ferry to come along.


Accidental selfie on the ferry

I might have made the 2:30 ferry except that there was a new security/screening system and I had to hit a green button which made my unopened Corona an explosive canister waiting to go off.

It was a hectic day and yet, except for waiting for the ferry and CARM, it went as per usual. When I first had a chance once I was unpacked, I looked at the time and Jacki (a friend from back home) was scheduled to meet me in ½ an hour!

It took us no time to get caught up and we spent a lovely supper together. 1000 Tacos was a little hike from my hotel so we stopped a couple of times for Jacki to rest (and my knees appreciated the respite too). I was so glad to be “home”.


Funny thing about my arthritic knees. Although they cause me no end of pain and subsequent disappointment-they were pretty terrific on the island. Good thing, as I was staying on the third floor of XBulu Ha.


The food at 100 Tacos was A+: a shrimp taco, a crunchy shrimp torta and a chile relleno taco. With 2 beer we were wonderfully content. Jacki was concerned about catching a cab back to Colonias so I walked her to the taxi loop as I caught a glimpse of my first sunset.

Covid Comment: At this moment with travel suspended to Isla, it is hard to imagine the empty airport, ferry and terminal. I miss the Islanders and the island itself and I wish them all safety and health.

Kath’s Quote: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” -Helen Keller


Love never fails.





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