Isla Mujeres Trip Report 2020-Day 2



When I awoke and hurried to see the sunrise, I managed to catch only a glimpse. As I walked across the parking lot to the malecon, I realised I had left my camera phone behind. When I turned around to fetch it, my key fob wouldn’t work in the front door. Once I had found another guest enjoying his morning smoke to let me in, it had clouded over. I did sneakily go up to the roof though and caught it from there.

My only other task was visiting Aki for bread, cucumber, cilantro and lime mayonnaise to prepare my lunch. I had already eaten the left over 1/2 torta from the night before.

I met Trish and Scott, also from Winnipeg. They were staying in the room across the hall. I was having a tricky time connecting to the hotel’s wifi so I visited with them outside our rooms on a number of occasions.



I returned to the sea wall to catch some sun and update my journal when I witnessed something funny. A bunch of locals were trying to put together a float for that day’s Carnavale parade. In fact they may have even been working on the “official” float for the parade. The funny part was that by then, I think the parade had already started.


The day turned out to be one of waiting (for family to arrive on the ferry) and it did my heart good, because of how “instant” life is in 2020. Sometimes it is good to stop and take stock. Especially ironic now in the time of Covid.


There was one Mom who had a complete melt down when she couldn’t find her return ferry tickets. Then when she finally did (they were with her friends who were already on the ferry), she was livid with everyone -her kids, her boyfriend and the ferry staff!

When my family arrived, they allowed one kiss and then were off! Oh well, I thought, I guess I will see them on the beach.







I wandered down the west beach at twilight to enjoy the soft light against the white sand. These local boys swimming were a hoot to watch.

Sister #3 and Lorena joined me at Sesso Loco’s for the evening.

Covid Note: I am not currently posting my restaurant blogs to the Isla Mujeres Food Group page as restaurants on the island are currently closed except for take out. My goal with IM Food is to promote restaurants at peak times that will most benefit the restaurant.



After dinner Sister #3 wanted to take a walk down Hidalgo but as I was tired, I went “home” to read a new book. I had to wear earplugs as Carnival was going strong!

Kath’s quote:

And the people stayed home

And read books, and listened and rested

And exercised and made art

And played games and learned new ways of being.

And were still.

And listened more deeply.

Some meditated, some prayed, some danced.

Some met their shadows.

And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed”. -Kitty O’Meara


Love never fails.

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