Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 16


When I woke up that morning I thought that I was leaving the next day at 1030 in the morning but it turned out to be that night! Needless to say I was too busy for the sunrise. I got all of the details of my departure sorted out then started the frenzy of packing knowing that my case was going to be overweight and I had guessed correctly. So I repacked everything and then tried to settle in and enjoy my last day.

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There were so many people that I needed to say good-bye to. I started with our dear friends Jan and Bruce.


These two look like locals but they are my younger brother and sister! They take after my Mom’s side and I take after my Dad’s-fair-haired, blue eyes and freckles!


Can you spot the Mexican?

day16-5 day16-6

I was so enjoying my last day on the beach, when I spotted these two.

I understand that they patrol the beach so that the tourists feel safe and looked after. I was wondering why I was coming to a place that requires to put on this kind of show. I booked for 2020 while I was still on the island but sometimes I wonder what I am doing recommending this place to so many people that I love.


Spotting a Madonna on my way back to the hotel made me feel a bit better.


I started realizing all the things that I had wanted to do but never had a chance including sampling the tortilla stand almost next door to the hotel.

day16-11 day16-12

One of the many things I love about Xbulu Ha (besides the reasonable price) is the communal balcony right below my window. I love the view of the water even though I am separated from the sea by a parking lot. On this evening I enjoyed my last bag of popcorn with a glass of wine.

day16-13 day16-14 day16-15

I hadn’t seen Javi on this trip, let alone taste his scrumptious food! We met Javi years ago and cannot be on the island without spending at least some brief time with him.

day16-16 day16-17 day16-18

But I had to keep the family tradition of dining at Fredy’s for my last island meal. We love Fredy and his wife and family and I just could not depart without savouring another of Fredy’s pork chops.

Brother #3, my SIL and Fredy are all pictured with me here. Fredy was dressed like a cowboy that evening! I was not sure where the rodeo was. My family walked me to the ferry and then with a poof, another visit was over.

Kath’s quote: No llores porque ya se terminó, sonríe porque sucedió.”-Gabriel García Márquez  “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.


Love never fails.

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