Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 8



The next morning was very windy with no sunrise. D finished his book and then we packed up for our move to Luna d’ Miel. There was an absolute cloud burst, then we thought it had cleared for our 11 am check out. Unfortunately that was only the first of a number of cloudbursts and we got soaked to the skin walking the sort distance to Roca Mar for a cab and then unloading at Luna d’Miel.

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Our apartment was still occupied so we headed to D’Luisa’s where we had cappuccinos and dried off.

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We still had another 3 hours until check in. As you can see above, I spent much of the time beachcombing.

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We walked through Colonias but stuck as close to the water as we could.

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We love staying on the airport strip where our neighbours  have million dollar homes along side the simplest of structures.


We arrived back at Luna D’Miel about 1:30 and after a five minute wait for the floor to dry, we were home.

isladay8-14 isladay8-15


D immediately took up permanent residence in the hammock and I ventured out a couple of times to beach comb and then it rained again, another time to read in the sun and then it rained again.


We both felt much calmer and more relaxed at Luna D’Miel. We can’t explain it though.


We arranged to have Bro #3 & L pick us up on their way to Casa de los Suenos. We were disappointed that there was no sunset but the staff were great hosts. We shared a cab home to listen to the Winnipeg Jets game and read our books.

Kath’s quote: “Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” ― Vladimir Nabokov


Love never fails.

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“Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 8”

  1. Avatar December 23rd, 2016 at 3:29 pm Shirley May Says:

    I just happened on to your site while searching for a place to stay in Isla again. While looking at your pictures it is as if I am looking at my own, we have both gone to so many of the same places. And I was so excited to see “my” shell sitting on the edge of the pool at Luna d’ Miel, I stayed in unit #1 from Nov 23 to Dec 6. I took many pictures of the edge of that pool and the Caribbean, one day I decided that shell needed to be on the edge of the pool… there it sits !!!! I’m planning my next trip Feb 14 th, would really like to stay at Luna d’ Miel again but don’t see an opening :((
    Thanks you for the photos :)))
    Oh and by the way, I live near Bemidji Minnesota and frequent Duluth often…… those photos too :))

  2. Avatar December 23rd, 2016 at 6:06 pm Kathryne Says:

    We are going to Isla later than usual in 2017 because we have a family wedding on the island. I hope you find a wonderful place to stay. K

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