Mayan Beach Club Isla Mujeres 2020


I have visited the Mayan Beach Club a couple of times since they have occupied the space when The Sunset Grill moved up island. The visits weren’t stellar, but all that has changed. I don’t know what came first: the arrival of Gustavo or the all Mayan kitchen team? Suffice it to say that both the ambience and the food were flawless!

Gustavo explained to us that the Mayan Beach Club had the goal of not just serving dinner, but an experience. This is why they meticulously select the best local providers for fresh ingredients. Not to mention their diverse wine list of 45+ wines from 10+ different countries.

I was accompanied that evening by my long time friend and her husband. We don’t live in the same Canadian city so try to visit the island at the same time each year. If I couldn’t have D to share the evening with, these dear friends were the next best thing.


As the sun set and created a gorgeous pastel sky, the first course was served.


Mussels had been sautéed in white wine and then placed in this cauldron that kept the dish piping hot. Spanish chorizo, spinach and cheese were perfect enhancements. R did the honours of serving us.

On each of our plates R placed the mussels and a tomato fettuccine served with premise made bread. The dish was a decadently gooey taste of the sea.


A salad course came next and was appreciated for its lightness and flavour. An intact romaine (with leaves still attached to the core of the plant) had been topped with a premise made Caesar dressing and ribbons of parmesan. A perfect parmesan cup came filled with triangular croutons. Every bite was a success.


This avalanche of Caribbean octopus arrived next. Perhaps it was the roasted potatoes that captured my heart. But it could have also been the red onions, spinach leaves and balsamic drizzle. I know one definitive thing, the decadent cream sauce was sublime!


Perhaps with this wider shot you can determine why the dish was called octopus on the rock.


I had never eaten Osco Buco on the island but wasn’t surprized when it was placed in front of us. Only the top restaurants with expert chefs who can coddle a veal shank in the oven for over five hours, deserve to serve this dish. The three chilies sauce that the tender roast was served with, created a perfectly fused dish of Italian and Mexican cultures.

Somewhere prior to this dish we received another surprize- a beautiful soprano with a voice to match, wandered amongst the tables to serenade us throughout the evening. Her repertoire was an endless array of international selections sung with passion and skill.


At this point Gustavo visited us to tell us about the Mayan Beach Club’s wine dinners: a country is highlighted with 7-9 courses and corresponding award-winning wines as well as live operatic music selected from the country as well.

I long to attend one of these wine dinners or perhaps another option: their Family or Large Group Dinners. These consist of a spread of the freshest caught sea and farm products they can source. The traditional and local dishes are served family-style in a creative and inventive manner.


A tasting of premise-made Italian gellati garnished with fresh and juicy strawberries arrived next. The unusual carrot cake and sweet & crunchy crumbs were the perfect accompaniment for the luscious gellati.

The evening will always remain in my memory, for the many reasons why I love Isla and her people. Perfection in every sense of the word.

Kath’s quote: “This is an evening of wonders, indeed!”-Jane Austen


Love never fails.




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