Neal’s Irish Pub-Isla Mujeres 2022


During the months in between our visits to Isla Mujeres, we crave Mexican food and put a squeeze of lime and cilantro leaves on every opportunity available. So it might seem strange that our first restaurant visit on Isla Mujeres was to an Irish Pub.

We traveled to Ireland a number of years ago and loved the food, libations and the local music. The same could be said for Neal’s.

At our server’s suggestion, we started with a Bahama Mama and a classic Margarita, neither of these offerings were available in Ireland but it was a refreshing way to start the evening.

Our appetizer of creamy spinach and artichoke dip was served in a carved out bread bowl. The Italian bread-sticks and Mexican tortilla chips made the appetizer an international dish. We were so enamored with it, we even ate the bowl.

To add to the ambiance, a local sax musician serenaded us throughout dinner.

I took the opportunity to sneak a peak into the glassed-in kitchen, to view one of the chefs carefully plating our dinners.

The chef”s twist on a classic Shepherd’s Pie:-it was topped with a tasty, crispy potato crust rather than pastry. The scrumptious pie was served with honeyed carrots and mushy peas (which were surprisingly delicious!)

I recommend that if you go to Neal’s and order the Reuben sandwich, you make plans to share it or take half home with you as I did. It was so huge, I could hardly take a chomp out of it. The beef had been house-smoked and enhanced with a subtle sauerkraut, gooey Swiss cheese and a side of Russian dressing for dipping.

The process of curing and smoking the beef commenced 10 days prior and concluded with 4 hours in a slow oven. I expected something quite different, but was very impressed all the same.

D and I were both so stuffed it would have been nice to walk back to our suite on the Airport Strip, but our helpful server had already called us a cab and we were risked away, enjoying a cool breeze coming off the sea.

Kath’s quote:  “Bless us with good food, the gift of gab and hearty laughter.  May the love and joy we share, be with us ever after!” – Irish Blessing

Love is all.

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