Pizza and a More-Opening Night on Hidalgo 2020



One of the many things I (Sister #3) love about Isla Mujeres is how it attracts people from all over the world. This trip alone I have met people from Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain and of course plenty of Americans and Canadians. This international flavour not only floats through the air in a variety of languages of overheard conversation, it also shapes the restaurant scene and has for many years. From the nouvelle cuisine of Belgian born Lolo Laurena, to the gang making authentic Israeli food at the Green House. Restauranteurs from across the globe have made Isla home and brought their delicious recipes with them.


One such transplant to the island is Mateo, owner of Pizza & a More. Originally from Rome, he, and his wife (from Milan), and his Mom and Dad serve the best food this side of Italy. On this night, we caught a glimpse of the newest addition to his family-a sweet faced little one carried in Mama’s arms.

Previously located on Carlos Lazo, just down from Poc Na hostel, Pizza & a More recently took over a location on Hidalgo which was until recently vacated by Nash’s Sports Bar. We visited on their first night open after the big move, and the food was superb. Mateo didn’t miss a beat. K and I shared a pizza and a fettuccine as suggested by Mateo.


Our “primavera” pizza was simple with a tasty tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, rocket (arugula) salad and cherry tomatoes. The pizza crust was crisp, light and flavourful and the fresh tastes of the toppings were a good counterpoint to the rich pasta that we also shared.


Freshly made fettuccine cooked to a perfect al dente and tossed with cream, blue cheese and a generous amount of speck (Italian smoked Serrano ham).

We also snapped a few photos of the food on our neighbours tables.


Vivian, a Cuban transplant and former owner of Cubano restaurant, and her New York friends were enjoying a lovely salad served in a pizza crust bread bowl. The gentleman from the table declared: “I am from New York and this is the best pizza I have ever tasted”!


The table to the other side of us happened to be our brother and his wife, true pizza lovers, enjoying the “Chorizo y Cebolla” pie, featuring Mateos Mother’s homemade Italian sausage and plenty of onions.

The menu currently only lists their pizza and calzones, but your server will tell you about the salad and pasta options which are new additions to the previous menu.


You can also pick up Mateo’s thick crust variety of by the slice pizza on your way to the beach at his kiosk further down Carlos Lazo almost at North Beach. We had a couple of occasions to sample it and it was filling and deeply satisfying.

I’m so glad that such a diverse community of people call Isla home. Each of them bring the best from their country and further enhance this place that is already so full of rich traditions, culture, beautiful food, and wonderful people.

Kath’s quote: “When the moon hits your eye….”. You know the rest.

Thanks to Sister #3 who penned this piece.


Pita hearts shot in Italy.

Love never fails.

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