Sabores by Posada del Mar- Isla Mujeres 2022


I cant say enough good things about our lunch at the Posada del Mare Beach Club. For 250 pesos for a day pass, you have access to chairs, umbrellas, pool and the washrooms. Your pesos go towards your food and drinks.

We arrived in the early morning, that is about 10 am ish. We like to be in sun early in the day when the rays are indirect and the air is still relatively cool. It was a perfect time to commence the day as the pool was virtually deserted and we had our pic of chairs and umbrella.

The only people who beat us to the pool edge was this young family. As parents, they had the day all figured out. They took turns entertaining the kids in the pool and when it was time for naps, a mother or mother-in-law arrived to take them back to their cool hotel room for their naps, thereby given the parents, some much needed adult only time.

One of the first items on our agenda was the opportunity for D to meet Romi, an Isla Icon. I had met him years before when I first became acquainted with Islaholics that I have known now for almost 2 decades.

We were told that we could sit at the shady bar to order drinks or from the bar, with our Beach Club day pass.

We preferred to have our double pina cooladas (I call them adult milkshakes) in non-breakable glasses so that we didn’t have to get out of the pool.

When lunch time arrived we knew that we should probably get out of the sun and sit at one of the gorgeous tables in the bar. But since it was next to our last day on the island, we stayed put under a palapa.

Ceviche has long been a favourite of mine. The first time I tasted it was my very first visit to Isla in 2005. We were at Picus and I was hooked! I like Mixto Ceviche best with some conch and octopus but this concoction with shrimp was perfecto!

I am sure you realize that you consume a lot of tortilla chips when you are on the island. Not all chips are the same. I like mine best when they have been freshly fried in new oil and all the grease has been shaken off of them. These were spot on!

D had a yen for chicken fajitas. He thought these were beautifully seasoned and chock full of fresh fixings like pico de gallo and quacamole.

We visited near the end of our time on the island and wished we had eaten there more often, especially at sunset, because their view is unspoiled by the various beach clubs that have gobbled up the shoreline and obstructed the sight lines of the water (think Coco’s across from Jax).

Actually I think their property should be supported because of their philosophy to keep the beach open to locals and tourists alike. Posada owners have been committed to this philosophy for 70 years. Way to go!

We had a long visit with our new friend Joch of the property. He explained that Posada del Mare started as two apartments available for rent and now, 70 years later, they have a number of hotel rooms as well as Restaurante Penquino’s, the Sports/Snack Bar called Ruta 15, the pool area and Romi’s Bar. So everything is now under the umbrella of Sabores Posada del Mar.

Yes, if we had it all to do over again, we may have stayed right in the heart of the action at the hotel and spent our days around the pool and across the street walking the beach. But there is next year, there is always next year…

Kath’s quote: “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”Mae West

Love-that is all.

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