Trip Report Isla Mujeres 2024-Day Seven



I start the day with a walk to visit Hortencia and her family. Do you have a favourite local shop on the island? We have been visiting this one since 2006! Over the years we have witnessed Hortencia’s children become part of the business and seen her grandbabies having their afternoon naps in their hammocks strung from the rafters of the store. They have become our family, supporting each other through life’s joys and sorrows.

That day was a momentous one as I was meeting a newbie off the ferry. She was surprised that I would do so, but we meet everybody arriving off the ferry! That tradition is one of many we enjoy on the island.

We walk the short way down Medina to her Air BnB suite. I was really impressed by her last minute find. We had a quick snack at Jax, walked Hidalgo so Karen could get her bearings and then took her grocery shopping at Super Aki.

I also meet another cyber friend IRL. We have been Facebook friends for a couple of years and live about a half hour away from each other back home. We never would have connected were it not for our mutual love of the island. I love how this place creates friends out of strangers and deepens the bonds with family and old friends.

Before Karen and I meet for dinner, I walk Centro beach at sunset. I love this time of day.

We met up for dinner at Faynes with a special treat from from Adelitas, next door. OMGoodness I did not have high expectations of Faynes, but I was blown away. Check out all the details here.

I actually don’t remember what I did after supper, but I bet I went home to read….

Kath’s quote: “The kitchen is where we deal with the elements of the universe. It is where we come to understand our past and ourselves.” – Laura Esquivel

Love never fails.

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