Pizzeria Gusto revisited


I get all fired up before I go to a restaurant that I know that I am going to enjoy and be excited to share with my readers.  Because I am also prone to distraction, fascinating lunch conversation can often throw me off of my good intentions.  Such was the case yesterday when I was invited for lunch to Pizzeria Gusto on Academy Road.

For one, my guest had presents for me-lots of them.  For two,  we had not enjoyed lunch together for a long time and had a lot of catching up to do.  For three, she had brought two photo albums of a recent trip to Tanzania and I am particularly drawn to Africa adventures right now.

So what I’m saying is I don’t know that name of what I ordered and can’t recall all the savoury ingredients.  I was hoping that I could do an on line search of the menu to fill in the gaps but was unsuccessful.

I do know that they are in the midst of revising and reprinting their menu and that one of the pizzas will be featured on their upcoming edition.  The delightful server described it as the epitome of a sweet and salty combination.  There was a fruity preserve spread on the crust, a salty cured meat on top and then a stack of arugula and a squeeze of lemon was put on top when it came out of the wood burning oven.

The second pizza had opposite and yet complementary ingredients.  It was topped with roasted potato and pecorino cheese and a soft /creamy cheese as well.   The pizza reminded me of a Ligurian dish I had enjoyed in Cinque Terre Italy-potatoes tossed with linguine and topped with pesto.

I also left the house without my camera’s memory card and had intended to take a photo of the chef’s hand-throwing the dough by the open hearth.  I’m a very bad blogger……
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Kath’s quote:  “What keeps me motivated is not the food itself but all the bonds and memories the food represents.”-Michael Chiarello

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“Pizzeria Gusto revisited”

  1. Avatar July 28th, 2010 at 1:38 pm Victoria Says:

    We went there with my cousin. The food was amazing but the dessert was particularly interesting…a chocolate torte with rock salt on top. Talk about sweet and salty.

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