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Canada Germany Olympic Hockey

Canada Germany Olympic Hockey

For two nights in a row I have fixed a quick dinner to enjoy in front of the TV.  I do not make this a habit; in fact I would proudly say that we have raised three kids to adulthood without compromising on this house rule.  But now we are almost empty-nesters and there must be some fringe benefits to this new found status.  My excuse is that the Canadians played Germany last night in Olympic Hockey and tonight they play Russia.  Besides everyone knows that rules are made to be broken.

Mid Prep

Mid Prep

To say I am a frugal cook is an understatement.  Anyone who has read my refrigerator soup recipe on this site can attest to that.  Tonight I found a couple of already formed hamburger patties in the freezer.  Just in case that didn’t taste their freshest, I decided to make patty melts.  Once you add the caramelized onions and melted Bothwell hot pepper cheese, who can detect how fresh the patty is anyway?

I’m happy to say that I was able to create a low fat version than what one might order at a restaurant.  Here you go:  Cook hamburger patties to desired doneness and set aside on a “holding” element.  Saute one sliced onion in 1 t of olive oil until brown.  Add to held patty container.  Clean pan and cover bottom of pan with 1 T olive oil.  Add desired slices of rye bread with a swish through the oil.  Top with a grated cheese and heat on medium until cheese is melted but at the same time checking that the browned side of the bread is not getting too dark.  Assemble all cooked ingredients and serve with a crunchy green veggie and oven roasted sweet potato “fries”.

Patty Melt Platter
Patty Melt Platter

Winnipeg is home to three of the greatest rye bread bakeries on the prairies: Natural Bakery, City Bread and Kub Bread.  Tonight I used Natural Bakery Rye.  Bothwell cheese is also a local company with many award winning selections.   Bothwell’s pre-grated Red Pepper Cheddar was perfect for this recipe.  Buying local is a great way to economize and I would rather spend my money supporting the producer than the long haul shipping company.

It’s the start of the second period-go Canada go!
PS Got this email this am: “I read your post this morning — yum!  I did something similar last night.. tried to find a quick and easy (but yummy) Olympic meal.  I threw a chicken breast in the oven and topped it with ham, mushrooms & cheese for kind of a stacked Chicken Cordon Bleu!” 
What is you fav TV Dinner idea?
Kath’s quote: “Sacred cows make the best hamburger.”-Mark Twain

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