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When we are vacationing on Isla Mujeres, we typically take a lunch to North Beach. Lunch is usually left overs or my favourite torta made with manchego cheese, lime mayo, cucumber and cilantro. But, on this day we ventured to a beach club. As Playa Norte gets busier and busier with rows upon rows of beach chairs and boats dropping anchor, we were migrating further and further east on the beach. Green Demon Beach Club occupies premiere position on that stretch. The shallow water in front is absolutely lovely and there are palms that offer up shade in the area.


As we perched at a little wooden table and chairs, guacamole and chips arrived. The taco chips were plentiful and the guacamole full of the good stuff (namely avocadoes and not much more). I had a craving for a burger and fries but wanted to explore the healthier options provided by the beach club.




In the end, I decided upon a veggie burger with portabella mushrooms and sweet potato fries. The delicious burger was so enormous that I could only eat half and dropped off a “to go” container with family that we knew on the beach.


D who doesn’t eat bread was really happy that he could be served lettuce wraps with fresh tuna. He remarked that the dish was fresh and crunchy.


While I sipped on a terrific mojito, D decided upon a smoothie of strawberry, chia and coconut. We were well pleased with both. We were both impressed that we could eat well but lightly, right smack on one of the most glorious beaches in Mexico.

Kath’s quote Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom.” –Thomas Carlyle

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Love never fails.




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“Green Demon Beach Club-isla Mujeres 2019”

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