Trip Report Day 23-Grill Garden


Perhaps God knew that my days on the island were winding down. The sunrise that morning was spectacular! I could have posted one of a dozen pictures of it.

Joe and Deb served up breakfast (again).

They along with D, headed to Castilla de Garafon to snorkel for the day. On the otherhand, I stayed put to soak up our little place on a perfect day. Sue came and joined me but they had just shocked the pool and we couldn’t swim. But never fear, I was into another fabulous book!

On Isla, my hair is a real challenge. I have naturally curly AND naturally straight hair. It is an unusual situation and quite a challenge because one lock of hair will shape itself into a beautiful ringlet but the next, will be poker straight. It is impossible to curl the straight clumps for a unified look, so I straighten the curly ones. That is, if I have an hour to spare and on this day, I did! And then I took a selfie (or course).

We were going to walk into Centro that evening but I caught the beginning of a gloomy sunset before we left.

While walking, the skies cleared and it got hot! I captured this image while en route. Between the exertion of the walk and the last heat of the day, my hair was a curly/straight mess just in time for dinner.

Grill Garden is one of my top ten favourite restaurants on the island. Right off the top, I love the ambience. If you are a regular to the island, you will know that it is a tough choice to whittle it down to ten favourites. I absolutely cannot believe the quality of Island food! I don’t know how it compares to other popular destinations but you know what? I am hesitant to explore other locales because I love island food so very much.

Even though we were there to sample their new menu, I just had to have one of my old favourites-their fried cheese in cilantro sauce! We sampled many new menu additions and it was a “blow your mind” kind of dinner. Read here for all the amazing details.

We were home in time for wine on the balcony where I daily thank my lucky stars that Isla Mujeres is a permanent fixture in my life.

Kath’s quote: “Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.“-Jack Canfield

Love never fails.

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