Trip Report Day Twenty – Marina Bartolome


We stayed in bed a little late but the sunrise was later too. I couldn’t believe that all three of these images were of the same sunrise. I was particularly enamored by the bottom one-there is reflection on the sea but where did the light come from?

After coffee we headed into town for Island Church at Jax and then stayed for breakfast. I love Jackie’s glassware.

D put down those overflowing breakfast burritos and I went for more traditional fare. Jackie tells us that this would be a typical breakfast back home in Texas. I loved the crispy bacon and perfect home fries.

We visited Jax on our very first trip to Isla some twenty years ago. I mourn the loss of their view, when the day tripper place was built across the street and sits virtually empty when I am in the vicinity. But it still is one of the best places to wait for sunset.

We headed home for showers and a snack, then were back in town to visit Marina Bartolome for an early dinner. We were blown away! If you follow this link you will see that my friend Valerie and I connected years ago when they had 1000 Tacos, which was my favourite taco on the island, pre-Covid.

Valerie’s husband returned from fishing as we were eating dinner. The guys headed to the dock to see his haul.

We have on occasion watched sunset from Marina Bartolome. It was just beginning to go down that day.

I captured the end of it from our deck at home. I was excited to “try” to watch the Oscars from our place but after an extended struggle, I gave up. Oh well. I had a lot of writing to do that evening anyway.

Kath’s quote: “Every sunset is also a sunrise. It all depends on where you stand.” Karl Schmidt

Love never fails.

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