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Isla Mujeres 2017 Trip Report-Day 11






This never gets tired.


D has walked into town and I am contemplating the day. The breeze has died down and there are no clouds. Might be a hot one! To my surprise D has discovered how much he likes beachcombing saying that it is both relaxing and good exercise! I joined him for a while yesterday.


D made his fabulous ham omelets for brunch.





We were kicking around possibilities for the day when Boo & the Frenchman texted saying that they would love to come over again to sit in the shade and watch the waves. We went to fetch them in our golf cart and did exactly that.


D made cocktails. He and I were too hungry to chase down sunset so we went right to Brisas Grill. It was a busy place and we were lucky to get a table when we did. D had grouper and cilantro sauce and I had seafood pasta in a white wine sauce. We did not think that it was as good as when they were on the beach. We were home in time for a glass of wine and Suits on Netflix.

Kath’s quote: “When you make an omelet, as when you make love, affection counts for more than technique”.-Isabel Allende


Love never fails.

Isla Mujeres 2017 Trip Report-Day 10





We were awake for a gorgeous sunrise.


One of our many Isla traditions is taking pouty face pictures of each other at the ferry terminal.

We scouted (in our golf cart) into town to see Sister #2, my BIL and nephew off



and then went back again to shop for breakfast.

Later we returned again to fetch another in law and her sister from Centro to took them to Luna d’Miel for a breakfast of ham and eggs.



The town was quiet that morning.

After breakfast we took the ladies on an island spin and ran into Joyce of Bob and Joyce. She had us in to see her kitchen reno.

We whiled away the afternoon in switching out between hammock, chair and shade.


For Happy Hour and to help us consume all our booze we went in the golf cart and fetched Boo and the Frenchman. D made kahluas and margaritas and the Frenchman became a very happy tequila man.







We finished off our chips and dip and mango salsa and then took off in the cart to across the airport strip to watch the sunset.


Once the beautiful display was over, we drove into Colonias to Bastos for Burgers Especiale and then home for a wine night cap.

Kath’s quote: “Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius”.-Matthew McConaughey


Love never fails.

Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 9






We love so many things about staying on the airport strip. But the best part is being excited to get up with the sun, make our coffee and then just sit there.



We had established our Luna d’ Miel routine of D walking into town for his second coffee, newspaper, tortas, fruit and juice. This is when I would typically go shelling & sea glass hunting. At that point I had almost a full bag of alga marine, my favourite sea glass colour. D also checked in on daughter Boo as she was still ill the previous evening.

We also love that the Luna d’ Miel unit that we stay in, has a fairly well equipped kitchen (including an electric frying pan that we had taken down years prior). Taking full advantage, we stayed in for a fabulous breakfast of Isla ham and eggs.

I spent the day I and out of the sun, It was cool in the shade (almost too cool) and hot in the sun (almost too hot). D finished his book and we took turns in the hammock. I felt sleepy all day and tried to rest. We snacked and nibbled the day away. Daughter Boo and the Frenchman had our golf cart for the day. We loved going back and forth to pick them up and drop them off.



At 6 pm we were at K & M’s hotel to pick up their excess supplies. So far we have done so with most of the people who have departed. We will consume a bit of it and find an unsuspecting local to pass the rest off to.

Had a lovely Happy Hour at Jan & Bruce’s. They are in the old Glady’s apartments that we stayed over New Year’s years ago. We walked the crazy ladder to the roof.


Dinner was at Bertha’s (link here) & Sister #2 and her husband joined the four of us.

We stopped at J and B’s to pick up more supplies and ended the evening with a glass of wine under the stars. We were the only inhabitants at Luna d’ Miel that night.

Kath’s quote: “While sleeping in a hammock, with the touch of a warm wind we remember why we are in love with the life!” -Mehmet Murat ildan


Love never fails.


Isla Mujeres 2017 Trip Report-Day 8




Our little ray of sunshine.

This was the day we moved from Centro to our “home”-Luna d’Miel.  J1 & J2, the little girls, Daughter #1, Lori and the rest of entourage departed that morning. Our sunshine had quite the melt down when they had to leave for the ferry. 




We waved farewell and then packed up what was left in our hotel and waited for our golf cart to be delivered. We drove to Luna d’Miel to make sure we could check in, then drove back with our stuff, and were settled by 1 pm.





As is always the case, we felt at “home” with D in his hammock and I to the surf and the beach.

We switched from hammock to chairs and back again. Later in the afternoon, we went to Chedrui for special potato chips and ate them with rum and colas for our Happy Hour in the front roadside chairs.








We went down to Playa Sol with what was left of the gang for the last sunset before D & D (the newly married couple) departed for Tulum.


Sister #2 and I walked to Amar (click on link to read all about our dinner) to ensure they could accommodate all of us. The place was very well appointed and as Dyl pointed out “it had a nice vibe”. When we arrived the place was not terribly busy but by the time we ordered, every table was occupied.

I did not record in my journal what we got up to after dinner but I suspect it was what we do every evening of our stay at Luna D’Miel. We sat together by the water and listened to the crashing waves, while reflecting on another day in paradise and how we were truly blessed to experience it.

Kath’s quote: “I’m always sad to leave paradise, but I leave behind the hopes of coming again soon”. -Irina Shayk


Love never fails.






Isla Mujeres 2017-Trip Report Day 7





Up for the sunrise.


We had a lovely family breakfast at Lola Valentina where we love their cinamon coffee.



The eldest of the Wee Ones ordered chocolate milk and was delighted with the manner that the staff improvized. The youngest loved her taste as well.


The Eggs Benedict


The Breakfast Barrito


The French Toast.

Then it was off to the beach to visit Brother #3, SIL #3 and Sister #3 before the latter had to return home the next day. She had 2 of Hortenzia’s grandchildren at the beach for the day.

Forgot that we were trying to get to the beach as a family so I left and called in at home.


Spent time at the docks until we saw Gary & Honor and Kate & Ben off at the ferry with promises that we would get to Australia very soon.

I was able to find the gang renting beds at Fenix. Spent some time there until Daughter #1 & Lori arrived. Dylan, Dani, Sister #2, Michael, Jon, Nicole, and her fiancé were all there too.

Went to pick up boneless ribs from Tino’s for supper which we ate at the hotel. Took the Wee Ones to the liquado spot for “gessert”. Showered the eldest and daughter Boo put the youngest down for us. Spent the evening baby sitting for J1 & J2.

Kath’s quote: “A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television”. -unknown author


Love never fails.


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