Days 5,6,7 Isla Mujeres Trip Report


Day 5 was Superbowl Sunday! D didn’t play tennis so we enjoyed a sleep in and missed the sunrise. This was the first of many enjoyable Sunday mornings at Jax for church with Ken Wanovich.

Shortly after this photo was taken, it clouded over and rained again so we stayed put at the apartment. The hammock that we brought from home for the beach worked great in the apartment, so we took turns napping and reading in it.

When it cleared up and we went out for a stroll, we came upon Marea, the restaurant at the former Poc Na now Sirena Hostel/Hotel. We enjoyed the game there and loved the food! Check out the full story in the Marea link above.

The morning of Day 6, I was back to my solo sunrise and yet the solitude provided space for me to count my blessings and all the things I am grateful for in my life.

It was another gorgeous day on Centro Beach with family and friends.

On the way home we passed the fruit carts on Medina that make these beautiful creations out of mango and other local fruits. There are many artistic craftspeople on the island.

That evening was another fabulous dinner out at Grill Garden. Click here for the yummy details.

Sometimes I have a hard time decided which sunrise pic that I like best. As was the case the morning of Day 7 which was Valentine’s Day.

D and I were grateful to spend the day as VIPs at the Amazon Beach Club. Did I mention food art? Check out these creations.

We had so many leftover fixings from our previous meals out, that D made Sister #3 and I a beautiful dinner of surf and turf with shrimp. The white lilies (my favourite flower) were from D too. I hope he knows how much I cherish him.

We decided to treat ourselves to an ice cream for Valentine’s dessert and strolled up Hidalgo. While we waited for our choices to get scooped into cones, we enjoyed the merriment of others celebrating along the street.

All these special occasions were made even better because we were on the island with our family and our Isla family and friends.

Kath’s quote: “The only thing we never get enough of is love, and the only thing we never give enough of is love.” -Author unknown

Love never fails.

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