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Our family has been visiting Fredy at his restaurant since 2006 (we missed him our first year on the island). If there was one restaurant that we frequent more than any other on the island it would be Fredy’s. We even had our family Christmas dinner at his restaurant one year!


This year we celebrated a wedding on the island and so there was a time when almost our entire family were on Isla at one time. Fredy offered to open the restaurant on a Tuesday evening just for us. We were thrilled!


The youngest family member that was at the table that evening.


Fredy fixed us up with some appetizers not typically on his menu.


I had his double-boned pork chop (I always have his double-boned pork chop)! Later in our stay we visited with Fredy 0ne evening and he shared with us that he has to perform his own meat cutting to secure this special cut. We are a family that LOVES meat and the chops and his ribs got rave reviews!


His seafood dishes also got high accolades as well. This dish is called: Frey’s Shrimp.


We even got to enjoy the dusk sky from our sidewalk table.

I have a couple of Fredy’s recipes from a Isla cookbook that I own but I can never duplicate Fredy’s flare. I think that he cooks with a secret ingredient which if you asked him, he would brush off with a joke. I think that ingredient is love. He tries to come off as a business only, tough guy and even though he runs a great business it is not his culinary savvy that brings us back again and again. It is the tender underside of Fredy. It is the love that he cooks into his food.

Kath’s quote: “Good morning to all feel better today so lets start working and try to make nice smilles“- Fredy


Love never fails.





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“Fredy’s 2017”

  1. Avatar April 18th, 2017 at 10:16 am Pat Kapilik Says:

    I couldn’t wait to taste Freddy’s Pork Chops so when I heard my sister-in-law Sue had arranged for our family to have a “special” night out for our family only on Freddy’s day off I was super excited. Thanks again Freddy for your thoughtfulness. I was not disappointed my pork chop was delicious! There was so much meat I wasn’t able to finish it so I gave the rest to my hubby. The red wine they served was also most enjoyable. I will definitely make a point of going back for Freddy’s Famous Pork Chops the next time I visit the Island of Isla Mujeyes.
    Thanks again Sue, Freddy and your family for a lovely evening.

  2. Avatar April 18th, 2017 at 10:20 am Kathryne Says:

    Pat-we were pretty sure you would love Fredy’s.

  3. Avatar July 6th, 2017 at 3:20 pm Isla Mujeres 2017 -Trip Report Day Three - Food Musings | Winnipeg food blog Says:

    […] we were off to an amazing family dinner at Fredy’s. Read all about it in the Fredy’s link. His pork chops got rave reviews as […]

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